Tony the Bartender
Tony the Bartender
Kevin McCorkle as Tony the Bartender, also owner of the Warsaw Tavern.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Owner of and bartender of the Warsaw Tavern in Cleveland, OH
  • Has an injunction against he and the Warsaw Tavern, to where it can't serve alcohol, after Mimi complains about the drunkenness of the patrons there, after Drew urniates on the lawn of her and Steve's new home located next to it
  • Is arrested for violating the injunction when he, Drew and the guys concoct an idea to spike alcohol in every menu item
  • Character information
    Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
    Episodes appeared in: "The Warsaw Closes" in Season 6
    Character played by: Kevin McCorkle

    Tony the Bartender is a minor character who appears in Season 6 episode "The Warsaw Closes" (episode #12). The part of Tony is played in the episode by Kevin McCorkle.

    About TonyEdit

    When Mimi, mainly out of spite to Drew urinating on the fire hose of the lawn of the home she and husband Steve bought which is located right next to the Warsaw Tavern, complains to the police about the drunkeness of the patrons and the noise and fights that supposedly go on there, Officer Hayes and her partner are dispatched to impose the temporary injunction against Tony, the owner, selling any booze or beer there.

    When Tony follows the bright idea from Drew as to how to get around the "no booze and beer" injuction by spiking everthing with beer or booze - the food, and the condiments, even the lemonade!

    Drew finds the arrest of Tony due to his spat with Mimi unfair, as he laments "He serves alcohol to high school students, he holds cockfights in the back room, and now he gets arrested for this!??"

    Mimi gets awind of it, and reports him again as Officer Hayes is there to check to see if the tavern was following the "no-booz and beer" order. Tony gets arrested and the Warsaw is temporarily closed, until Drew gets Mimi to drop the injuction against Tony and the bar by placing holiday gnomes with Christmas music playing in her yard, as the Warsaw then reopens the next day, able to sell booze and beer again!

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