Officer Hayes
Denise Crosby as Officer Hayes
Denise Crosby as Officer Hayes in "The Warsaw Closes" in Season 6 (ep.#12).
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Police officer CLeveland Police
Is forced to close down the Warsaw Tavern after Mimi complains to the police, after Drew and the guys urinated on the lawn of the house she and Steve bought located next to it
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: "The Warsaw Closes" in Season 6
Character played by: Denise Crosby

Officer Hayes is a character who appears in the Season 6 episode of The Drew Carey Show titled "The Warsaw Closes" (episode #12). The part of Officer Hayes is played in the episode by Denise Crosby.

About Officer HayesEdit

When Mimi, upset over Drew and the fellas urinating on the garden hose of the home she and Steve bought which is right next to the Warsaw Tavern, she called the police, as Hayes and her partner were dispatched to place an injunction Mimi filed, out of spite to Drew, against the Warsaw Tavern where the club lost its liquour liscence after mindight, where they couldn't temporarily serve any more alcoholic drinks. Lewis tries to resort to flattery by making a "romantic overture" to try to cajole Officer Hayes into not imposing the injunction, saying "How would you like to take a bath without ever stepping into a bathtub?" as Hayes responds, "I am, thank God, a lesbian!"

When Kate tries to appeal to her "Please, don't close down our bar!", she replies "Forget it, I never paid for it in my life!"

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