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"The Warsaw Closes"
TDCS episode 6x12 - The-Warsaw-Closes

Drew and the gang now, at least temporrarily, no longer have a bar to hang out and drink at when Mimi complains to the police, who enforce an injuction the Warsaw where it can't serve any booze or beer in "The Warsaw Closes" in Season 6 (ep.#12).

Episode No.   Season
143 6x16 Season 6
Episode Information
Original Broadcast Date January 10, 2001
Network: ABC-TV
IMDB: IMDb logo The Warsaw Closes
Written by: Jana Hunter & Mitch Hunter
Directed by: Sam Simon
Chronological Information
Preceded by: "Fetal Attraction"
Followed by: "Oswald's Dad Returns"


The Warsaw Closes was the 12th episode of The Drew Carey Show, also the 139th overall episode in the series. Originally aired on January 17, 2001 on ABC, This episode, which was directed by Sam Simon, was written by Jana Hunter and Mitch Hunter.


Lewis and Oswald strike a perilous money-making plan, dealing with venomous snakes. After the guys take a 'leak' on Mimi's yard, she gets 'The Warsaw' closed by complaining to the cops.


Mimi and Steve buy the house next door to the Warsaw, and she taunts Drew about the fact that she will always be nearby when he is trying to unwind. Drew, Lewis and Oswald get drunk and urinate on her front lawn. She catches them in the act and files a complaint. Because a number of neighbors have complained about the boorish behavior of the bar patrons, the Warsaw is stripped of its liquor license.

Drew insincerely tries to apologize to Mimi, but then admits that he doesn't mean it. He convinces the Warsaw's owner to slip alcohol into all of the food (soup, lemonade, etc.) but Mimi reports the Warsaw's owner Tony the Bartender (Kevin McCorkle) and has him arrested.

Drew doesn't understand why Mimi is so upset about this particular prank, as he also laments about Tony's arrest: "He serves alcohol to high school students, he holds cockfights in the back room, and now he gets arrested for this!??" .

Steve, fed up with the bickering between wife Mimi and Drew, explains that his wife has never lived in a house before, so it is very special to her. Drew apologizes and creates a little gnome town for her front yard, as Mimi then finally drops the complaint. Meanwhile, Lewis and Oswald prove that their stupidity knows no limits as they try to "milk" snakes and sell their venom!

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