Susan Egan as Suzanne
Susan Egan in "Fetal Attraction" in Season 6 (ep.#11).
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Co-Worker of Drew and Mimi's at Winfred-Louder in Cleveland, OH
Tries to trap Drew, who looks after her while she's pregnant with child after a breakup with her boyfriend, into marrying her so that her child could have a father
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show in guest appearance
Episodes appeared in: "Fetal Attraction" (Season 6)
Character played by: Susan Egan

Suzanne is a recurring character who appears on the episode of The Drew Carey Show titled "Fetal Attraction". The part of Suzanne is played in the episode by Susan Egan, who also appeared as Susan in the episode "The Dating Consultant" in Season 3 (episode #24).

About SuzanneEdit

Suzanne, a single co-worker who is about to have a baby, asks Mimi, who's also pregnant, if she had any sexy maternity clothing she could wear, as Mimi pulls out a black sequinned-lace bra. Drew, who returns to his desk, and her decide to go on a date, as everybody in the office seems repulsed by the idea of Drew dating a pregnant woman, and Kate and Steve feel that he is just hoping to latch onto her kid. Drew doesn't think that one date is a big deal, but Steve warns that Suzanne, who recently broke up with the baby's father after 3 years, may view him as a potential father.

All of the other pregnant women in the office assume that Drew has a "thing" for pregnant women and start hitting on him, as she eventually becomes possesive of him as she attempts to goad him into marrying her, so that her child could have ad dad.

After finding out her true intentions from her, he reluctantly takes her to the hospital when she goes into labor, as she then almost puts him down as the father when the nurse brings the admission paperwork with her for her to sign.

When Drew gets her to erase his name, an orderly who's seemingly attracted to her and tells her that a woman as lovely as she shouldn't be alone in her situation, she wards Drew off and asks to leave (he gladly obliges!), as she possibly embarks on a possible relationship with the orderly!

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