Sharon Bridges
Sharon at the Browns Game
Sharon, apologizing to Drew for cheating on him in "Drew Goes to the Browns' Game" (Season 5, episode #2).
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Begins dating Drew, who hired her to fix his bathroom toilet, as she beings dating him after getting dumped by her boyfriend
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: 12 in Seasons 3-5
Character played by: Jenica Bergere

Sharon Bridges is a recurring character who appears in a total of twelve episodes of The Drew Carey Show, beginning with the Season 3 episode titled "The Rebound" (episode #23). The part of Sharon is played on the series by actress Jenica Bergere.

About SharonEdit

When Drew hires Sharon, a plumber and handyperson, to fix his bathroom toilet, they immediately hit it off, as Lewis and Oswald become jealous as they try to ask her out, as she builds a friendship with Drew. In "The Rebound", when she breaks up with her longtime boyfriend, Oswald, instead of trying to talk Drew out of taking advantage of her, instead tries to influence Drew to "go for it" and make the "big romantic move" on her, but it's she who takes advantage of him, using him for cheap sex, or "sort of" as she presses the issue, as they begin having sex practically every time she has free time; when he wants to talk afterwards, she usually slips out of his bed, and leaves the next morning early while he's still asleep, to hurry to her job, as she claims that she doesn't have time to stay, as she's always on call.

In Sharon's final appearance in "Drew Goes to the Browns Game", Mimi is able to correctly guess that Sharon has been seeing someone else other than Drew, as she suddenly buys him a new big screen TV to watch the Browns' season opening football game, but springs a big surprise on he and the guys when they try to sneak into the Cleveland Browns Stadium to catch the game and find her with "the other guy", as she later admits that she had been seeing the other guy before he, and that she was actually cheating on that guy with him!