The Drew Carey Show: Season Six
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No. of episodes 27
Original network ABC-TV
Original airdates: October 4, 2000 - May 23, 2001
DVD Release: TBA
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The Drew Carey Show: Season 6Edit

This page lists all of the episodes aired in Season 6 of The Drew Carey Show. The "Drew Pops Something on Kate" episode premiered on ABC-TV on October 4, 2000; a total of 27 episodes aired during the season, which ended on May 23, 2001, with the airing of the episode "Bananas, Part II".

For the first part of the season, Drew is engaged to Kate, but after they break up he has a sham marriage with Wick, while Steve and Mimi have a baby together.

Season 6 (2000-2001)Edit

Season 6 episodes
Image Episode # in Series Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.#
Image Needed-Mimi 1 128 "Drew Pops Something on Kate" Paul Lieberstein Gerry Cohen October 4, 2000 226352 (6x1)
Drew buys a ring to propose to Kate, but then gets fired from Winfred-Louder. After waking up from a hangover, Lewis's "blood"-splattered T-shirt leads him and Oswald to suspect he might've killed Drew or Kate while inebriated.

Guest stars: Daniel Hagen (Interviewer), Robert Arce (Wilson), Kim Delgado (Anderson), Alice Frank (Cheerleader), Brendan Walsh (Kid), Charlie Weber (Brad), Donnie Eichar (Jared), Tim O'Rourke (Bartender), Chanie Costello (Twin #1), Julie Costello (Twin #2)

Image Needed-Mimi 2 129 "Be Drew to Your School" Robert Borden Gerry Cohen October 18, 2000 226357 (6x2)
Drew and Kate declare they're engaged. Drew gets depressed over his life's failures and when the gang tries to cheer him up, they realize it could all be their own fault.

Guest stars: Sean Masterson (Bob), Louri Johnson (Gladys), Ivan Allen (Nick), Jocelyne Kelly (Nurse Anderson), Ben Ziff (Basketball Player), Steve Howey (Student), Carolyn Demirjian (Edna), Tac Fitzgerald (Football Player), Shannon Marie Woodward (Nick's Daughter)

Image Needed-Mimi 3 130 "Drew's Inheritance" Mitch Hunter & Jana Hunter Gerry Cohen October 25, 2000 226353 (6x3)
Drew works at a school cafeteria but quits after being caught with a beer. Drew and Kate plan a scam marriage to claim Drew's inheritance from his uncle but Lewis and Oswald blow it.

Guest stars: Marion Ross (Beulah Carey, Drew's Mom), Stanley Anderson (George Carey, Drew's Dad), Michael McShane (Ray), Daniel Roebuck (Mr. Grayson), John Apicella (Otis), Tony Barriere (Drew-Alike)

Image Needed-Mimi 4 131 "Mimi's a Partner" Terry Mulroy Bob Koherr November 1, 2000 226355 (6x4)
A sizable chunk of Buzz beer money goes missing and the gang attempt to solve the mystery.

Guest stars: Tony Barriere (Lester), Anthony Skordi (Man), Melody Forsythe (Woman #1), Mary Coleston (Woman #2)

Image Needed-Mimi 5 132 "Drew Live II" Brian Scully Gerry Cohen November 8, 2000 226360 (6x5)
Features Whose Line Is It Anyway? cast members and Jay Leno. Drew offers to place Oswald and Lewis through his employment agency at the 'Shenanigans' bar, but there is only one position open.

Special Guest stars: Heather Locklear (Herself [uncredited]), Charlie Sheen (Himself [uncredited]), Jay Leno (Lewis' Boss)
Also Guest starring: Wayne Brady (Wayne), Charles Esten (Chip), Kathryn Greenwood (Kathryn), Laura Hall (Laura), Colin Mochrie (Eugene), Greg Proops (Greg), Brad Sherwood (Brad), Carmen Electra (Lewis' Boss), Reggie Currelley (Bartender), Elea Bartling (Cashier),

Image Needed-Mimi 6 133 "The Pregnancy Scare" Apryl Huntzinger Sam Simon November 15, 2000 226356 (6x6)
The gang celebrate Drew's refusal to marry Mr. Wick in return for his job, then they misinterpret Kate's hints about her possible pregnancy. Special appearance by the The Go-Go's, who also perform (audio only) the song, "Cleveland Rocks" over the normal opening credits.

Guest stars: E.J. Callahan (Ed), Aaron Benjamin Colby (Billy), Blake McIver Ewing (Wolfgang), Jessica Sara (Sally), The Go-Go's (Themselves)

Image Needed-Mimi 7 134 "Drew and the Trail Scouts" Daniel O'Keefe Gerry Cohen November 22, 2000 226358 (6x7)
Drew agrees to a phony green card marriage with Mr. Wick in exchange for his old job.

Guest stars: Robert Clotworthy (INS Inspector), Francis Guinan (Scoutmaster Bob), Jeremy Lawrence (Justice of the Peace), Michael Welch (Scout #1), A.J. Marton (Scout #2), Gregory Wheeler (Scout #3), Jack Salvatore, Jr. (Scout #4)

Image Needed-Mimi 8 135 "Drew and Kate Become Friends" Mike Teverbauch & Linda Teverbauch Gerry Cohen November 29, 2000 226359 (6x8)
Drew agrees to a phony green card marriage with Mr. Wick in exchange for his old job.

Guest stars: Jamie Luner (Jenny) & Alonna Shaw (Woman)

Image Needed-Mimi 9 136 "Drew Can't Carey a Tune" Mike Teverbauch & Linda Teverbauch Gerry Cohen December 6, 2000 226351 (6x9)
Drew endeavors to get to into his new boss, Mr. Nichols' good books by attending his church. However, when he volunteers to sing at a church benefit event, things do not go smooth.

Guest stars: Bruce A. Young (Mr. Nichols), Richard Grant (Rev. Holloway), Arjay Smith (Richard), Scott Peacock (Minister), Gabriel Williams (Willy), Olivia Lee (Singer), Tiffany Takara (Singer)

TDCS episode 6x10 - Buzzie Liked His Beer 10 137 "Buzzie Wuzzie Liked His Beer" Jody Paul Gerry Cohen December 13, 2000 226361 (6x10)
Drew sets up a booth for Buzz Beer at a local beer convention to which Lewis and Oswald get their star attraction - Buzzie, a beer-drinking, truck-driving ex-circus bear from DrugCo. All goes well until a camera flash spooks the bear.

Guest stars: Ajgie Kirkland (Customer #1), David Molloy (Customer #2), Daniel Graves (Doctor), Mark Matthews (Kid), Van Epperson (Worker)

TDCS episode 6x11 - Fetal Attraction 11 138 "Fetal Attraction" Apryl Hunzinger Tommy Thompson December 20, 2000 226364 (6x11)
A pregnant co-worker attempts to make Drew the father of her soon to be born child. Oswald and Lewis kidnap the Santa whom they work for as elves, when he treats them badly.

Guest stars: Susan Egan (Suzanne), Michael McShane (Ray), Marcy Goldman (Nurse), Judy Louise Johnson (Pregnant Woman #1), Daniele O'Loughlin (Pregnant Woman #2), Renee Ryan (Pregnant Woman #3), Ariel Llinas (Orderly)

TDCS episode 6x12 - The-Warsaw-Closes 12 139 "The Warsaw Closes" Jana Hunter & Mitch Hunter Sam Simon January 10, 2001 226365 (6x12)
Lewis and Oswald strike a perilous money-making plan, dealing with venomous snakes. After the guys take a 'leak' on Mimi's yard, she gets 'The Warsaw' closed by complaining to the cops.

Guest stars: Denise Crosby (Officer Hayes), Kevin McCorkle (Joey), Jaime Ray Newman (Tina)

TDCS episode 6x13 - Oswald's Dad Returns 13 140 "Oswald's Dad Returns" Brian Scully Sam Simon January 17, 2001 226354 (6x13)
Oswald's longtime criminal father attempts to form a relationship after being released from prison. Later, Drew and Lewis tell him that his father is still scamming around people.

Guest stars: Vic Helford (Old Guy #2), Ed Morgan (Old Guy #1), Alex Alexander (Woman Customer), Tom Poston (Roscoe Harvey, Oswald's Dad), Mark Tymchyshyn (Mr. Sweeney)

Image Needed-Mimi 14 141 "All Work and No Play" Sprio Skentzos Gerry Cohen January 24, 2001 226366 (6x14)
After spending too much time with Mr. Wick, Oswald, Lewis and Kate pick up British words and phrases whilst Drew feels left out. Later at the bar, they hear that Drew has been in an accident.

Guest stars: Mimi Lieber (Mrs. Hager), Susan Leslie (Joan), Joey Nader (Kevin), Wylie Small (Marge)

Image Needed-Mimi 15 142 "Drew's in a Coma" Les Firestein Gerry Cohen February 7, 2001 226362 (6x15)
Drew entertains himself inside his head living in a fantasy world, while his friends try to revive him from a coma. After they pull the plug on him, he takes a 'heavenly test' and finds he is eligible to either go to heaven or back to living.

Guest stars: Joe Walsh (Ed), Ben Stein (Heavenly Guide), David Purdham (Doctor), Michelle Ruben (Woman #1), Jamie Anderson (Woman #2), Charles Brome (Abraham Lincoln), Patrick Gorman (William Shakespeare), Charlie Stewart (Little Boy), Melanie Gage (Dancing Nurse), Nicholas Hill (Karate Guy), & John Valdetero (Captain Marvel)

Image Needed-Mimi 16 143 "Drew and the Baby" Daniel O'Keefe Bob Koherr February 14, 2001 226363 (6x16)
The gang take a comatose Drew's body home. En route to heaven, Drew meets his baby nephew who is about to be born and they trade places so that Drew can convince the baby of his reasons to be born. Drew is shown as a baby for a while and later he realises he wants to live as well and wakes out of his coma.

Guest stars: David Purdham (Doctor #1), Denise Y. Dowse (Doctor #2), Jon Polito (Baby (voice)), Bob Van Dusen (Guy #1), Orlando Ashley (Guy #2), Andi Masterson (Nurse)

Image Needed-Mimi 17 144 "Hush Little Baby" Chris Bishop Sam Simon February 21, 2001 226367 (6x17)
When Steve falls sick, a reluctant Drew has to stay with Mimi to help her with the baby who won't stop crying unless Drew is around. Lewis has a bad cold and feels he is about to die and begins to break the rules. Things get weirder when he enters the bar naked and prances around.

Guest stars: Joe Keyes (Mailman), Merrill Moore (Waitress)

Image Needed-Mimi 18 145 "Drew's Life After Death" Jody Paul Shelley Jensen February 28, 2001 226368 (6x18)
Drew finds Mimi has fabricated his 'death' using a death certificate from the doctor when he was in a coma. Lewis and Oswald encash his life insurance policy and use the money to splash out on electric wheelchairs and men to carry them around. After volunteering at a crisis center, a depressed Drew decides to be a risk-taker and returns back with a motorcycle.

Guest stars: Derek Anthony (Counselor), Megan Gray (Young Woman), Brad Parker (Junkie), Lucia Williams (Waitress), Lindsay Hollister (Office Women), Kate Gladfelter (Woman #1), Zoe Yeoman (Woman #2), Michael Francis Clarke (Man), Chris Bonno (Young Man), Stan Sellers (Middle-Aged Guy)

Image Needed-Mimi 19 146 "Drew and the Motorcycle" Paul Lieberstein Gerry Cohen March 14, 2001 226369 (6x19)
Lewis and Oswald are busy spending the insurance money from Drew's 'death', but get nervous when Drew pretends to be Kyle, Drew's bike-riding brother and starts dating the insurance company's cute agent. The scam is finally exposed and Drew is forced to sell off his motorcycle to pay back the money.

Guest stars: Lauren Stamile (Julie), Franc Ross (Bartender), Bergen Williams (Smelly Mary), Gary Kasper (Biker #2)

Image Needed-Mimi 20 147 "Kate and Her New Boyfriend" Les Firestein Bob Koherr March 21, 2001 226371 (6x20)
Steve orders Drew and Mimi to call a truce as their hostility could be a bad influence on the baby. Kate's new boyfriend Eric stirs Drew's jealousy.

Guest stars: Michael Dietz (Eric), Ava Fabian (Woman), Andrew Bloch (Waiter)

Image Needed-Mimi 21 148 "What's Wrong With This Episode? IV" Terry Mulroy Sam Simon March 28, 2001 226370 (6x21)
Drew and Oswald make a video of Lewis to convince him that he is mean and evil. The video makes Lewis turn over a new leaf and become ultra-religious, much to the annoyance of everyone else.

Guest stars: Meshach Taylor (Oswald's Double), Gary Coleman (Drew's Double), Jimmie Walker (Lewis' Double), Gabriel Köerner (Frank), Thea Vidale (Mimi's Double), Kim Fields (Kate's Double), Robert Torti (Nick)

Image Needed-Mimi 22 149 "The Easter Show" Mike Teverbaugh, Linda Teverbaugh & Brian Scully (Story) Gerry Cohen April 11, 2001 226372 (6x22)
Drew employs Oswald to deliver chocolate baskets on Easter morning. All goes well until he gets greedy and spoils all the chocolate. Meanwhile, Lewis meets the girl of his dreams but accidentally erases her number.

Guest stars: Johnnie Walker (Delivery Guy), Sami Reed (Heidi), Jake Fritz (Thomas), Jillian Berard (Kimberly), Ashley Edner (Unknown)

Image Needed-Mimi 23 150 "Christening"
Alternately titled: The Christening
Terry Mulroy
Story: Jana Hunter & Mitch Hunter
Gerry Cohen May 2, 2001 226375 (6x23)
Drew has to babysit Steve and Mimi's child before his christening ceremony. But Lewis and Oswald make off with the baby, so they can take 'family' portraits at Winfred-Lauder's new studio.

Guest stars: Marion Ross (Beulah Carey), Stanley Anderson (George Carey), John Ingle (Father Seymour), Kathie Lee Gifford (Vanessa), John Malone (Cappy)

Image Needed-Mimi 24 151 " Drew and the Activist, Part I" Daniel O'Keefe & Paul Lieberstein Sam Simon May 9, 2001 226373 (6x24)
Drew starts dating a social activist, Rachel, who is trying to blow the whistle on one of DrugCo's secretive projects and Lewis suspects Drew is passing on information to her.

Guest star: Illeana Douglas (as Rachel Murray)

Image Needed-Mimi 25 152 "Drew and The Activist, Part II" Christy Jacobs White Gerry Cohen May 16, 2001 226374 (6x25)
The guys and Mimi decide to throw a barbecue party to bar-owners to promote Buzz-beer. Mimi, Oswald and Lewis buy a sack of meat for the barbecue, but disagreement brews when Drew insists on serving just veggie-burgers, on Rachel's prodding.

Guest stars: Brandon Keener (Scott), Harold Green (Man), & Illeana Douglas (Rachel Murray)

Image Needed-Mimi 26 153 "Bananas, Part I" Adam Faberman & Kristen Marvin
Story: Jody Paul
Gerry Cohen May 23, 2001 226376 (6x26)
Drew is made manager of the new Winfred-Louder women's store, but the pressure starts to get to him. Lewis and Oswald get jobs at Fred's Fireworks, resulting in firecrackers getting lit in Drew's house and Lewis' eyebrows getting blown off.

Guest stars: Harry Groener (Doctor Hershlag), Carlos Alberto Felix (Cop #1), Dwayne Foster (Cop #2), Ben Bowden (Pete), & Jim Zulevic (Earl)

Image Needed-Mimi 27 154 "Bananas, Part II" Holly Hester and Apryl Huntzinger Gerry Cohen May 23, 2001 226377 (6x27)
When Drew goes missing, the gang try to piece together what happened from clues in Drew's back yard. Oswald and Lewis find out he's in a mental institution and check themselves in and hatch an escape plan for Drew.

Guest stars: Ben Bowden (Pete), Bob Bouchard (Quintin), Benton Jennings (Bill), Ron Geren (Kirby), Clarinda Ross (Administrator), Jimmy Palumbo (Dennis), Jim Zulevic (Earl), Mary Gillis (Nurse Beylin), Tom Pardoe (Henderson), Harry Groener (Doctor Hershlag), David Ruprecht (Inmate)