The Drew Carey Show: Season Seven
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No. of episodes 27
Original network ABC-TV
Original airdates: September 26, 2001 - May 22, 2002
DVD Release: TBA
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The Drew Carey Show: Season 7Edit

This page lists all of the episodes aired in Season 7 of The Drew Carey Show. The "Drew Carey's Back-to-School Rock 'n' Roll Comedy Hour, Parts I & II" episode arc premiered on ABC-TV on September 26, 2001; a total of 27 episodes aired during the season, which ended on May 22, 2002, with the airing of the episode "The Underpants Guy".

In this season, Drew, who is already married to Kate, winds up having to confront both with the truth as he is released from the mental hospital, as he was placed in during Season 6, as he at first tries to conceal the fact in the episode "Drew Returns From The Nuthouse" (episode #3), but both wind up leaving him in "When Wives Collide" (episode #5)

Season 7 (2001-2002)Edit

Season 7 episodes
Image Episode # in Series Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.#
Image Needed-Mimi 28 155 "Drew Carey's Back-to-School Rock 'n' Roll Comedy Hour, Part I" David A. Caplan, Jana Hunter, Mitch Hunter, Julie Ann Larson, Sam Simon, Terry Mulroy, Linda Teverbaugh, Bruce Helford, Drew Carey, Clay Graham, Bruce Rasmussen, Les Firestein, Mike Teverbaugh, Daniel O'Keefe Gerry Cohen September 26, 2001 227306 (7x1)
This episode was recorded in the style of a sketch show. Teenage Drew visits a doctor and learns about his 'changing body'. Lewis and Oswald show SheDaisy their talents as backup singers. Kate and Jenny make out during a sleepover and are upset at the guys gawking at them. Guest starring: Jenny McCarthy.

Guest stars: Jenny McCarthy (Sketch Player), SHeDAISY (Themselves), Smash Mouth (Themselves), Adeline Allen (Six-Year-Old Girl), Roz Witt (Fifty-Year-Old Woman), Helen Slayton-Hughes (Eighty-Year-Old Woman), Amanda Bynes (Sketch Player)

Image Needed-Mimi 2 156 "Drew Carey's Back-to-School Rock 'n' Roll Comedy Hour, Part II" Sam Simon, Clay Graham, Julie Ann Larson, Daniel O'Keefe, Drew Carey, Bruce Helford, Mitch Hunter, Mike Teverbaugh, Linda Teverbaugh, Jana Hunter, Les Firestein, Terry Mulroy, David A. Caplan, Bruce Rasmussen Gerry Cohen September 26, 2001 227302 (7x2)
This episode was recorded in the style of a sketch show. Drew hosts a film about the dangers of cooties. Mimi bothers Uncle Kracker for help with a crossword puzzle. Oswald the cop goes undercover in a high school in a terrible disguise.

Guest stars: John Regan (Himself (Peter Frampton's Band)), Bob Mayo (Himself (Peter Frampton's Band)), Chad Cromwell (Himself (Peter Frampton's Band)), Nikki Vickers (Little Girl), Uncle Kracker (Himself), Sugar Ray (Themselves), Peter Frampton (Himself), Amanda Bynes (Sketch Player)

Image Needed-Mimi 3 157 "Drew Gets Out of the Nuthouse" Bruce Rasmussen Gerry Cohen October 3, 2001 227304 (7x3)
The return of Drew's old girlfriend, Nikki Fifer (Kate Walsh). Drew returns home from the mental institution, but goes missing after bumping into Nikki at the bar. While Drew is gone, Kate confesses her love for Drew to the rest of the gang. Drew eventually shows up, married to Nikki.

Guest stars: Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer), Dawnn Alane (Waitress), David Doty (Minister), Bette Roe (Mrs. Johnson), Jeff Michaelski (Policeman), Mike Grief (Pirate)

Image Needed-Mimi 4 158 "Married to a Mob" Clay Graham Gerry Cohen October 10, 2001 227303 (7x4)
Lewis and Oswald decide to buy a house after being convinced that they can't find a date because they live on top of a bar. Meanwhile Drew tells them he is married to both Kate and Nikki and asks them to keep the fact concealed to both women till he can tell them the truth himself.

Guest stars: Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer), Kristin Morley (Helen), Rachel Winfree (Gladys) & Helen Eigenberg (Stephanie)

Image Needed-Mimi 5 159 "When Wives Collide" David A. Caplan Bob Koherr October 17, 2001 227305 (7x5)
Drew tells Lewis and Oswald that Kate is beginning to suspect that he may really be married to Nikki. Both women ultimately leave him when they realize Drew's bigamy. Lewis and Oswald attempt to build a house in the middle of a park.

Guest stars: Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer) & Tim O'Rourke (Bartender)

Image Needed-Mimi 6 160 "Bus-ted" Les Firestein Sam Simon October 24, 2001 227306 (7x6)
Nikki Fifer contacts the newspaper over Drew's bigamy leading to him being dubbed "The impotent, bisexual bigamist". Drew tries to make up with Kate by placing an ad on a bus, but the plan backfires.

Guest stars: Johnnie Walker (Man), Jane Morris (Nora O'Dougherty), Paul Johansson (Ron Higgins), Jay Johnstone (Himself), Lesley Fera (Judy), Bobby Bonds (as Himself), Motorhead (Themselves), Julie Cavanaugh (Woman)

Image Needed-Mimi 7 161 "It's Halloween, Dummy" Linda Teverbaugh & Mike Teverbaugh Bob Koherr October 31, 2001 227307 (7x7)
Drew fills some of his free time in a ventriloquism class. He organizes Winfred-Louder's charity Halloween party, wherein Kate shows up as herself, in a wedding dress with a fake knife on her back. Lewis winds up looking like Frankenstein's monster after a visit to a deranged dentist who works on a boat. After the store's new owner, Mr. Newsome tells Drew that he intends to promote him but then drops dead, Drew brings his body to the board meeting the next day and does his ventriloquism act.

Guest stars: Henry Winkler (Mr. Newsome), Charles Fleischer (Dr. Krusheck), Reggie Jordan (Paramedic), Paul Clark (Teacher)

Image Needed-Mimi 8 162 "How Beulah Gets Her Groove Back" Daniel O'Keefe Sam Simon November 7, 2001 227308 (7x8)
Drew's parents drop by for a two-week visit, but are soon on the verge of a split after Beulah confides to Mimi that George has never been good at bed. Oswald and Lewis build a battle-robot to win a competition at The Warsaw and raise money for their new house.

Guest stars: Marion Ross (Beulah Carey), Stanley Anderson (George Carey), Gabriel Köerner (Geeky Contestant), Warwick Hutton ("The Leather Guy")

Image Needed-Mimi 9 163 "Drew Live III" Keith Blanchard Gerry Cohen November 14, 2001 227311 (7x9)
Drew, Oswald, Lewis, Steve and Mimi take a train trip. Steve and Mimi are planning to have sex on the train. Later, Drew eventually turns up in a dog pound after being unconscious and is terrified to learn that he and Mimi may have mistakenly had sex.

Guest stars: John Ratzenberger (as Himself), Gerry Cohen (as Himself), Charles Esten (Stall For Time Player), Greg Proops (Stall for Time Player), Blue Man Group (Themselves), Jeff Bryan Davis (Stall for Time Player), Brad Sherwood (as Himself), Ashlynn Rose (Little Girl), Laura Margolis (Flashback Girl)

Image Needed-Mimi 10 164 "Eat Drink Drew Women" Jana Hunter & Mitch Hunter Gerry Cohen November 21, 2001 227309 (7x10)
Lewis and Oswald unsuccessfully try to extend the lease on their apartment when it appears their new house won't be built in time for winter, but then a miracle comes in the form of the circus.

Guest stars: Tim O'Rourke (Tim), Jane Morris (Nora O'Dougherty), Wanda Sykes (Christine Watson), Ron Pearson (Ringmaster), Lance E. Nichols (Warren), Lillian Lehman (Elizabeth), Dale Godboldo (Gerard), Darius Dudley (The Reverend), Toru Tanako, Jr. (Strongman)

Image Needed-Mimi 11 165 "Mr. Laffoon's Wild Ride" Julie Ann Larson Gerry Cohen November 28, 2001 227310 (7x11)
Oswald and Lewis mock the way Drew gets ordered around by his girlfriend Christine. The gang find out that Drew has been drag-racing with Mimi. Steve shows up with Gus to convince Mimi to stop racing. Christine learns why Drew has been racing, and agrees to be less demanding.

Guest stars: Wanda Sykes (Christine Watson), Dee Snider (as Himself), Jeff Gordon (as Himself), Rick Zieff (Salesman), Christopher Halsted (Jeremy), Marla Frees (Sylvia), Justin Sundquist ([?] Racer)

Image Needed-Mimi 12 166 "Hotel Drew" Terry Mulroy Bob Koherr December 12, 2001 227312 (7x12)
After Mr. Wick announces a pay cut for all employees, Drew rents out a room to a gay couple, Mitch and Les (special guest stars Adam West and Max Gail), who help Drew get a better job. When Drew is asked to cut the budget at the new company, he unintentionally shows that his position is unnecessary and gets fired. When asked to return to Winfred-Louder, Drew refuses, saying he will instead find a job he loves. Lewis and Oswald ask Mitch and Les to decorate their newly built house. Kate is unimpressed by their taste, but the guys love it.

Guest stars: Adam West (Mitch), Max Gail (Les), Brian Baker (Michael)

Image Needed-Mimi 13 167 "Drew and the King" Daniel O'Keefe Sam Simon December 19, 2001 227313 (7x13)
After taking a job as a security guard, Drew requests a transfer to Kate's workplace (the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) in an attempt to re-kindle their friendship. Later, Drew finds an unknown Elvis record, but gives Kate credit for the discovery and then makes a sacrifice after a mishap with the delicate relic. Guest star Micky Dolenz plays Kate's boss, Mr. Metcalf.

Guest stars: Micky Dolenz (Mr. Metcalf) & Wanda Sykes (Christine Watson)

Image Needed-Mimi 14 168 "The Curse of the Mummy" David A. Caplan Tommy Thompson January 16, 2002 227314 (7x14)
Oswald and Lewis make a video about themselves to impress women, but it doesn't have any effect whatsoever. The gang gets the wrong end of the stick when Drew tells of his encounter with Mr. Wick's mother, and Oswald reveals some disturbing feelings.

Guest stars: Tim O'Rourke (Tim), Richard Chamberlain (Maggie Wick) & Jon Polito (Stansfield)

Image Needed-Mimi 15 169 "The Enabler" Jana Hunter & Mitch Hunter Gerry Cohen January 23, 2002 227315 (7x15)
Drew and Wick must convince a group of new buyers headed by Lord Mercer to take over a sinking Winfred-Louder. The buyers are more impressed with Wick than Drew, but Drew needs to keep an alcoholic Wick glued to his addiction to seal the deal.

Guest stars: Tim O'Rourke (Tim), Dulcy Rogers (Colleen), Jim Piddock (Lord Mercer), Jon Polito (Stansfield), Mike Randleman (Mr. Starkey)

Image Needed-Mimi 16 170 "Pretty Baby" Julie Ann Larson Gerry Cohen February 6, 2002 227316 (7x16)
Lewis and Oswald enter a baby into Winfred-Louder's beautiful baby pageant to raise money to replace the heating ducts they broke. To get an edge over the other contestants, they try to teach the baby a talent which impresses the judges until they push it too far.
Image Needed-Mimi 17 171 "A Shot in the Dark" Christy Jacobs White Sam Simon February 13, 2002

227317 (7x17)

Jenny McCarthy as Drew's girlfriend Marlo. Lewis starts secretly sleeping in Drew's basement so Oswald can have more private time with his girlfriend Colleen. Drew mistaking him to be his Policewoman ex-girlfriend, shoots him in the leg.

Guest stars: Dulcy Rogers (Colleen), Jenny McCarthy (Marlo Kelly), John Bizarre (Officer (voice)), Lane Napper (Dispatcher (voice))

Image Needed-Mimi 18 172 "It's A Dog Eat Drew World" Ed Lee Gerry Cohen February 20, 2002 227218 (7x18)
Drew is upset when Lewis, Oswald and Kate begin neglecting him to devote more time to their jobs. He lures them and Steve to his house by claiming an emergency. Meanwhile, his house is invaded by a pack of wild dogs forcing everyone to flee to the basement.

Guest stars: Skip O'Brien as Toby

Image Needed-Mimi 19 173 "Bringing Up Boss" Daniel O'Keefe Sam Simon March 13, 2002 227319 (7x19)
Lord Mercer announces that he is making his 19-year-old daughter, Milan, the new store president and he forces Drew to mentor her. After she messes up a union negotiation, Drew enlists Kate to help Milan concentrate on her job. After Milan's boyfriend dumps her and she demotes Drew to work at the docks, Kate tries to get them back together.

Guest stars: Tim O'Rourke (Tim), Jessica Cauffiel (Milan Mercer), Jim Piddock (Lord Mercer), Jeff Bryan Davis (D'Artagnan), Dom Irrera (Stan), Don Tiffany (Joe)

Image Needed-Mimi 20 174 "Daddy Dearest" Jana Hunter & Mitch Hunter Tommy Thompson March 20, 2002 227320 (7x20)
Lord Mercer refuses to entertain Milan's suicidal threats claiming she just wants to get attention. He later fires Milan, but Drew influenced by his own troubles with his father, convinces Lord Mercer to give Milan a second chance.

Guest stars: Jessica Cauffiel (Milan Mercer), Jim Piddock (Lord Mercer) &Margaret Travolta (Mrs. Bishop)

Image Needed-Mimi 21 175 "Never Been to Spain" Adam Faberman
Mike Teverbaugh & Linda Teverbaugh (Story)
Sam Simon March 27, 2002 227321 (7x21)
Lewis and Oswald take up second jobs as airport security guards, whom Drew runs into on his way to Spain to partake in Milan Mercer's birthday party. Drew's plane makes a forced landing in Greenland where he has a tryst with a beautiful woman and her jealous husband.

Guest stars: Jessica Cauffiel (Milan Mercer), Aloma Wright (Mrs. Taylor), Leslie Sykes (as Herself), Suzanne Sena (as Herself), Cooper Thornton (Male Passenger), Anna Marie Goddard (Greenland Girl), Michael-Patrick Berner (Boy Scout)

Image Needed-Mimi 22 176 "O Brother, Who Art Thou?" Vivien Meija Gerry Cohen April 3, 2002 227322 (7x22)
Drew is perplexed by Steve's angry outbursts towards others without any provocation. Kate figures out that Steve's behavior is the result of jealousy over Drew's professional success. Later Steve takes a job as a prison guard to deal with his hostility.

Guest stars: Charles C. Stevenson, Jr. (Farmer), Sandra Goff (Bouncy Time Tina), Jim Cody Williams (Ed), Nicholas Gilhool (Doctor), Richard Topol (Bob), Frank Lloyd (Customer), Chad Hinton (Ten-Year-Old Steve)

Image Needed-Mimi 23 177 "Rich Woman, Poor Man" Terry Mulroy Shelley Jensen April 10, 2002 227323 (7x23)
The gang get to know Drew's rich girlfriend, Lindsay, and introduce her to the 'poor' life. However, living without money is gets too much for her and she develops a rash that frightens Lewis and Oswald.

Guest stars: Jessica Cauffiel (Milan Mercer), Julia Duffy (Lindsay Mercer), Paxton Whitehead (Helford)

Image Needed-Mimi 24 178 "What Women Don't Want" David A. Caplan Bob Kohen May 1, 2002 227324 (7x24)
Lewis has trouble finding a date for his old girlfriend's wedding. Drew and Oswald accompany him to a single's club event, where Lewis feels out of place initially but then partners up with the local janitor.

Guest stars: Tim O'Rourke (Tim), June Lockhart (Misty Kiniski), Bridgett Newton (Kelly), Beata Pozniak (Raisa), Cheryl White (Heather), Julie Pinson (Beverly), Julie Ann Emery (Amy), Alysia Reiner (Sally), Tami Anderson (Susan), Becky Southwell (Monet)

Image Needed-Mimi 25 179 "Look Mom, One Hand!" Kristen Marvin Bob Koherr May 8, 2002 277325 (7x25)
The guys' mothers come to town for a special Mother's Day brunch at the Warsaw. Kate introduces everyone to her new stepmother, who looks exactly like her. A website publishes a list of the biggest internet porn users in Cleveland and the moms are mortified to discover that Drew, Kate, Lewis, Oswald and Wick are on the list. They decide to move in with their kids to get their lives back on the right path and end up driving them crazy.

Guest stars: Marion Ross (Beulah Carey), Adrienne Barbeau (Kim Harvey, Oswald's Mom), Phyllis Diller (Bebe), June Lockhart (Misty Kiniski), Ron Pearson (Defense Attorney), Tim Conlon (Prosecuting Attorney), Sam Mettler (Robert Johnson), Ted Henry (Himself), Richard Chamberlain (Maggie Wick), Rebecca Staab (Melanie)

Image Needed-Mimi 26 180 "The Eagle Has Landed" Julie Ann Larson Sam Simon May 15, 2002 227327 (7x26)
A bald eagle making its home on Drew's roof enthuses the gang but things go awry when the bird flies away with Drew's date Kathy's little dog. Guest starring Kathy Griffin.

Guest stars: Jane Morris (Nora O'Dougherty), Richard Libertini (Hofna), Kathy Griffin (Kathy), Scotty Leavenworth (Danny)

Image Needed-Mimi 27 181 "The Underpants Guy" Mike Teverbaugh & Linda Teverbaugh Bob Koherr May 22, 2002 227326 (7x27)
The second return of Nikki Fifer (Kate Walsh). Winfred-Louder runs into financial troubles leaving Drew, Mimi and Wick on the sales floor where Drew has to sell underwear. The gang try to deduce why Nicki sent chocolate roses to Drew. Later, an obese and homeless Nicki drops by for an awkward visit and Drew allows her to stay with him.

Guest stars: James Castle Stevens (Delivery Man), Jessica Cauffiel (Milan Mercer), Jim Piddock (Lord Mercer), Kat Sawyer-Young (Woman), Benjamin Zook (Male Customer)

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