The Drew Carey Show: Season 9
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No. of episodes 26
Original network ABC-TV
Original airdates: June 2, 2004 - September 8, 2004
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The Drew Carey Show: Season 9Edit

This page lists all of the episodes aired in Season 9 of The Drew Carey Show, which premiered during the summer sweeps period of 2004, almost a year after the conclusion of Season 8. The "Drew Hunts Silver Fox" episode arc premiered on ABC-TV on June 2, 2004; a total of 26 episodes aired during the season, which ended on September 8, 2004, with the airing of the episode "Finale".

The last season was mainly focused on Kellie's evolving relationship with Drew from friend to girlfriend to being pregnant with his child. Mr. Wick makes a return for the last two episodes. Season 9 did not air in production order. The following list represents the order in which they were originally broadcast rather than the correct production order.

Season 9 (2004)Edit

Season 9 episodes
Image Episode # in Series Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.#
Image Needed-Mimi 1 208 "Drew Hunts Silver Fox" Russ Woody Sam Simon June 2, 2004 178562 (9x1)
Drew and Oswald get a little too competitive as they try to set up their mothers with an attractive eligible widower.

Guest stars: Adrienne Barbeau (Kim Harvey, Oswald's Mom), Marion Ross (Beulah Carey, Drew's Mom), Brian Kale (Paul), Larry Marko (Old Guy), Mitchell Ryan (Woody)

Image Needed-Mimi 2 209 "Eye of the Leopard" Adam Faberman Tommy Thompson June 2, 2004 178561 (9x2)
After learning that Gus's soccer team is in a league that has set things up to make sure that no one ever loses, Drew tries to butt in, leading to disastrous results for his nephew. Lewis and Oswald may have blundered in getting involved with Kellie's cousin, who turns out to be a kleptomaniac.

Guest stars: Matthew Josten (Gus), Paul Nobrega (Parent), Scott Klace (Mr. Murphy), Jennifer Jostyn (April)

Image Needed-Mimi 3 210 "Foos Rush In" Dean Young Tommy Thompson June 9, 2004 178555 (9x3)
After Evan leaves for a yoga retreat, Traylor begins a romance with Scott as part of a power play to seize control of the office. She puts an end to the laid-back work environment; and worst of all, takes away the foosball table. Meanwhile, Lewis gets involved with the Warsaw's new cook.

Guest stars: Kyle Howard ([[Evan), Kaitlin Olson (Traylor), Jonathan Mangum (Scott), & Sheeri Rappaport (Anabelle)

Image Needed-Mimi 4 211 "Drew Thinks Inside the Box" Daniel O'Keefe Brian K. Roberts June 9, 2004 178560 (9x4)
Drew is thrilled when he and Kellie decide to exchange keys. However, he nearly thwarts the progress in their relationship when he ends up letting Scott use Kellie's place to cheat on Traylor.

Guest stars: Jonathan Mangum (Scott), Kaitlin Olson (Traylor), Dennis Bailey (Dr. Melnick), Diora Baird (Valerie), Darcy Lee (Nurse), Hyla Mathews (Anna)

Image Needed-Mimi 5 212 "At Your Cervix" Jana Hunter & Mitch Hunter Brian K. Roberts June 16, 2004 178563 (9x5)
Drew hopes to make a commitment to Kellie after they learn that she is pregnant. However, she is unsure if this is the right decision. Drew seeks her parents' help to change her mind, only to find that they are not exactly thrilled with the idea of having him as their son-in-law.

Guest stars: Susan Sullivan (Annette Newmark) & Michael Gross (Don Newmark)

Image Needed-Mimi 6 213 "Sealed in a Kiss" Jana Hunter & Mitch Hunter Bob Koherr June 16, 2004 178552 (9x6)
While taking a pregnancy quiz with Kellie, Drew recalls his father's death in a fall from the roof. Drew was horrified to discover that he was never even mentioned in his dad's diary, and tried to prove himself by arranging for a lavish military-style funeral. However, disaster struck when George accidentally wound up with a casket featuring the logo for the band Kiss.

Guest stars: Marion Ross (Beulah Carey, Drew's Mom), Bill Cobbs (Tony the Bus Driver), David O'Shea (Minister), Gregory White (Ralph), Tim Maculan (Mr. Warwick), Jack Sheldon (Trevor)

Image Needed-Mimi 7 214 "Baby Makes Stress" Dean Young Shelley Jensen June 23, 2004 178564 (9x7)
Kellie is furious with Drew after he blows off an appointment to see their baby's first sonogram to go drinking with the guys.

Guest stars: Matthew Josten (Gus), Scott Adsit (Mitch), Susan Mackin (Jana), Timothy Davis-Reed (Dan), Kathleen Campbell (Tina), ]]]Roxanne Day (Kristy), Marcus Folmar (Officer Martin), Paul Nobrega (Woman), Victoria Rocchi (Woman)

Image Needed-Mimi 8 215 "Michigan J. Gus" Sam Simon John N. Huss June 23, 2004 178566 (9x8)
Kellie's fears about Drew's inability to be a good father grow after Gus suddenly begins misbehaving every time he is around his uncle. Inspired by Mimi's romance with a widower, Oswald and Lewis hope to set themselves for life by picking up wealthy widows.

Guest stars: Matthew Josten (Gus), Julie Pop (Mona), Jacqueline Schultz (Pam)

Image Needed-Mimi 9 216 "No Booze for Drew" Jana Hunter & Mitch Hunter Shelley Jensen June 30, 2004 178565 (9x9)
As a sign of support, Drew pledges to stop drinking for the duration of Kellie's pregnancy, but soon finds it very difficult to keep his promise. Meanwhile, Mimi has the hots for a handsome delivery man; and Oswald becomes part-owner of the Warsaw.

Guest stars: Kaitlin Olson (Traylor), Reichen Lehmkuhl (Lance), Barry Livingston (Mr. Walters)

Image Needed-Mimi 10 217 "Drew's Best Friend" Julie Ann Larson Bob Koherr June 30, 2004 178567 (9x10)
Kellie tries to convince Drew to become friends with a new neighbor, but it all blows up in her face when the man turns out to be a clingy pest who just will not leave Drew alone.

Guest stars: French Stewart (Buddy), Bonnie McFarlane (Sara), Richard Wharton (Construction Worker)

Image Needed-Mimi 11 218 "Arrivederci, Italy" Daniel O'Keefe Bob Koherr July 7, 2004 178568 (9x11)
Drew turns to a shady travel agent for help when he is unable to put together the funds to finance Kellie's dream vacation in Italy.

Guest stars: Jonathan Mangum (Scott), [[Kaitlin Olson (Traylor), Fred Willard ([[Fred Tuttle), Victoria Profeta (Patty)

Image Needed-Mimi 12 219 "House of the Rising Son-in-Law" Ed Lee Tommy Thompson July 7, 2004 178569 (9x12)
Kellie tries to get Drew and her father to overcome their differences by having them work together to fix up an old house for sale. Mimi turns to Larry's matchmaking service in her quest to find a new man.

Guest stars: Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Michael Gross (Don), Kristen Wiig (Sandy), Michael P. Byrne (Albert)

Image Needed-Mimi 13 220 "Dog Soup" Hugh Fink Sam Simon July 14, 2004 178570 (9x13)
Drew tries to make some extra money for the baby by betting on a greyhound that has been enhanced as part of a DrugCo project.

Guest stars: David St. James (Owen) & Steve Sheridan (Fred)

Image Needed-Mimi 14 221 "Asleep at the Wheel" Dean Young Shelley Jensen July 14, 2004 178571 (9x14)
After Tony, the bus driver gets into an accident, he pleads with Drew to lie for him since he is close to retirement and doesn't want to risk being fired and losing his benefits package. Drew is reluctant to do so because he fears for the passengers' safety, so he tries to convince Scott to give Tony another job.

Guest stars: Jonathan Mangum (Scott), Bill Cobbs (Tony the Bus Driver), & Lawrence H. Toffler (Younger Customer No. 1)

Image Needed-Mimi 15 222 "Baby Face" Masha Tivyan Bob Koherr July 21, 2004 178573 (9x15)
In the aftermath of his disastrous marriage, Drew heads off alone on his honeymoon to try to define his feelings for Kellie. Oswald and Lewis head to Mexico ahead of Drew, where Oswald accidentally falls for a hooker, unaware of her identity because he doesn't know how to speak Spanish.

Guest stars: Lindsey Stoddart(Marla), Jeff Lapensee (Roger), Tim Conlon (Peter), Reggie Jordan (Jerry) & Kristen Sullivan (Vera)

Image Needed-Mimi 16 223 "Girlfriend, Interrupted" Daniel O'Keefe Bob Koherr July 21, 2004 176551 (9x16)
n the aftermath of his disastrous marriage, Drew heads off alone on his honeymoon to try to define his feelings for Kellie. Oswald and Lewis head to Mexico ahead of Drew, where Oswald accidentally falls for a hooker, unaware of her identity because he doesn't know how to speak Spanish.

Guest stars: Marion Ross (Beulah Carey), Stanley Anderson (George Carey), Iyari Limon (Carmelita), ]Jack Guzman (Joe, the Mexican Bartender)

Image Needed-Mimi 17 224 "Straight Eye for the Queer Guy" Julie Ann Larson Sam Simon July 28, 2004 178556 (9x17)
Mimi encourages Drew to make friends with the gay parents of Gus's friend. However, Drew winds up inadvertently splitting up the couple and finds himself as the 'other man'.

Guest stars: Matthew Josten (Gus Carey), Currie Graham (Russell), Sean O'Bryan (Dean), Ernie Lively (Mike), Michael Hatch (Campbell)

Image Needed-Mimi 18 225 "Still Life with Freeloader" Kristen Marvin Drew Carey July 28, 2004 178559 (9x18)
Drew resorts to drastic action after Mimi's latest boyfriend moves into the house and begins mooching off of him.

Guest stars: Matthew Josten (Gus), Todd Stashwick (Tyler), Frankie Jay Allison (Nick)

Image Needed-Mimi 19 226 "Burning Down the House" Mike Teverbaugh & Linda Teverbaugh Sam Simon August 18, 2004 176553 (9x19)
Mimi blames Drew after her house burns down, apparently as the result of a gift given to Gus by his uncle. Oswald starts a change machine business.

Guest stars: Matthew Josten (Gus), Tom Kiesche (Dinosaur Guy), Tim Lucason (Firefighter), John Carroll Lynch (Steve Carey (voice))

Image Needed-Mimi 20 227 "Liar, Liar, House on Fire" Russ Woody Drew Carey August 18, 2004 176554 (9x20)
The gang tries to teach Gus to lie to an insurance adjuster so that Mimi can receive the claim on her house and be able to replace it.

Guest stars: Matthew Josten (Gus), Carol Ann Susi (Doris), Wayne Knight (Owen)

Image Needed-Mimi 21 228 "Sleeping with the Enemy" Ed Lee Shelley Jensen August 25, 2004 178557 (9x21)
Drew and Kellie's new relationship is threatened by their strong political differences.

Guest stars: Kaitlin Olson (Traylor), Jonathan Mangum (Scott), James Castle Stevens (Brannigan), Brian Kale (Tuttle)

Image Needed-Mimi 22 229 "Assault with a Lovely Weapon" Hugh Fink Shelley Jensen August 25, 2004 178558 (9x22)
Drew lies to Kellie about going out to a strip club, but the whole thing may come out after an injured Lewis decides to sue one of the dancers.

Guest stars: Wendy Worthington (Cindy), Peter MacKenzie (Arbitrator), Sirena Irwin (Raven), Maria Ford (Crystal) & Maureen Kelly (Trudy)

Image Needed-Mimi 23 230 "Love, Sri Lankan Style" Russ Woody Bob Koherr September 1, 2004 178574 (9x23)
Drew's plans to reunite Mimi and Steve and get Mimi out of his house face a hitch due to the appearance of a new woman, whom Steve met in Sri Lanka and had an affair with. When Steve confesses to the additional affair, Mimi pours hot tea all over Steve's crotch and decides to go back to Larry.

Guest stars: John Carroll Lynch (Steve Carey), Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Jane Morris (Nora O'Dougherty), Purva Bedi (Padma), Tracy McCubbin (Diane)

Image Needed-Mimi 24 231 "Knot in the Mood" David A. Caplan Shelley Jensen September 1, 2004 178572 (9x24)
Drew reconsiders proposing to Kellie after her parents split up and her mother suddenly takes up with Lewis.

Guest stars: Matthew Josten (Gus), Michael Gross (Don), Susan Sullivan (Annette), Miette Maxwell (Julia)

TDCS - episode 9x25 - Passion of the Wick - Wick as Scotty McRainshowers 25 232 "The Passion of the Wick" Ed Lee Shelley Jensen September 8, 2004 178575 (9x25)
Drew comes up with a plan to open a retro store, and seeks a partnership with the now-wealthy Wick. However, all of Wick's funds come through his father-in-law, so Drew must help cover up Wick's affair or lose his financial backing.

Guest stars: Jonathan Mangum (Scott), Craig Ferguson (Nigel Wick), J. Patrick McCormack (Jonathan), Colleen Flynn (Lorna), Millicent Martin (Helen), Jeff Blumberg (Johnson)

TDCS - Episode 9x26 - Tony rushes Drew and kellie to the Hospital 26 233 "Finale" Bruce Helford, Clay Graham, & David A. Caplan Sam Simon September 8, 2004 178576 (9x26)
Kellie finally agrees to marry Drew, but their wedding plans are thrown into disarray when she goes into labor.

Guest stars: Marion Ross (Beulah Carey), Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Adrienne Barbeau (Kim Harvey), Bill Cobbs (Tony, the Bus Driver), Craig Ferguson (Nigel Wick), Michael Gross (Don), Susan Sullivan (Annette), Eliza Coyle (Nurse), Holmes Osborne (Priest), Andrew Bloch (Doctor)