The Drew Carey Show: Season 8
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No. of episodes 26
Original network ABC-TV
Original airdates: September 9, 2002 – August 27, 2003
DVD Release: TBA
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The Drew Carey Show: Season 8Edit

This page lists all of the episodes aired in Season 8 of The Drew Carey Show. The season's first episode, "Revenge of the Doormat" premiered on ABC-TV on September 9, 2002; a total of 26 episodes aired during the season, which ended on August 27, 2003, with the airing of the episode "The Bataan Wedding March".

In the fall of 2002, Winfred-Lauder closed and the set became the office of online retailer "Neverending Store". Drew, Mimi, and Nigel were hired (the latter as a janitor, but was written out of the series). Steve Carey, Drew's brother, was phased out as well. Kate O'Brien leaves the series after the 2nd episode as she is marrying a fighter pilot and was quickly replaced with Kellie Newmark (Cynthia Watros), an old high school friend of Drew's who had been working as a stripper.

Season 8 (2002-2003)Edit

Season 8 episodes
Image Episode # in Series Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.#
Image Needed-Mimi 1 182 "Revenge of the Doormat" Mike Teverbaugh & Linda Teverbaugh Gerry Cohen November 9, 2003 227951 (8x1)
The second return of Nikki Fifer (Kate Walsh). Drew struggles to find a job since Winfred-Louder went bankrupt. Lewis and Oswald take him to a strip club where they run into an old high school friend, Kelly. Drew goes to Never Ending Store and gets a job, though he has no clue what it entails, and Kelly shows a talent for waitressing. Finally, Kate drops by with a bombshell.

Guest stars: Kyle Howard (Evan), Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer), Tim O'Rourke (Tim), Jonathan Mangum (ppScott]]), Amanda Weiss (Tina) & Sheila Kelly (Saleswoman)

Image Needed-Mimi 2 183 "Kate's Wedding" David A. Caplan Gerry Cohen November 16, 2003 227952 (8x2)
Kate introduces the gang to Kirk, a fighter pilot, whom she is about to marry. The guys try to find some dirt on Kirk so they can stop the wedding, but it's too late. After the wedding, the guys share a melancholic moment. The final appearance of Kate O'Brien (Christa Miller).

Guest stars: John Ingle (Father Seymour), Tim O'Rourke (Tim), Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer) & Cameron Mathison (Kirk)

Image Needed-Mimi 3 184 "Eyes Wide Open" Bruce Rasmussen Bob Koherr September 23, 2002 227953 (8x3)
Guest starring Kate Walsh as Nikki Fifer. Drew starts having bad dreams about Kate and begs Lewis and Oswald not to leave him alone. In a bid to help him, they decide to cheer Nicki up by taking her out so she'll move out of his house. Now over Kate, Drew decides to set a date to get married.

Guest stars: Jonathan Mangum (Scott (Drew's boss)), Kaitlin Olson (Traylor), John Ingle (Father Seymour), Tim O'Rourke (Tim), Kyle Howard (Evan (Drew's boss)), Kate Walsh (Nicki Fifer), Bill Cobbs (Tony, the bus driver)

Image Needed-Mimi 4 185 "Drew and the Life-Size Jim Thome Cut-Out" Daniel O'Keefe Bob Koherr September 30, 2002 227955 (8x4)
Kellie attempts to be part of the gang, but Oswald and Lewis are not impressed after she breaks down to their personal insults. Drew wants to give her a second chance so they take her out for a night. In an effort to show she is as wild and crazy as them, she steals a cardboard cut-out of Jim Thome, but when the police get involved she panics.

Guest stars: Kaitlin Olson (Traylor), Paul Benedict (Jeremy), Cara Kahn (Jeremy's Daughter), Bashir Salahuddin (Cop #1), Joe Dietl (Cop #2)

Image Needed-Mimi 5 186 "Hickory Dickory...Double Date" Les Firestein Sam Simon October 7, 2002 227954 (8x5)
Oswald feels incredibly guilty after hitting his mother in the face with a bowling ball, so he hires someone to come to his house and beat him up. Meanwhile, he tells Drew a secret about Kelly.

Guest stars: Amy Farrington (Bonnie), Dublin James (Rand), Henry Rollins (Mr. Jericho), Ion Overman (Stacey)

Image Needed-Mimi 6 187 "Mama Told Me I Should Come" Jana Hunter & Mitch Hunter Bob Koherr October 21, 2002 227956 (8x6)
Drew's new girlfriend has a queer habit that throws him off but his mom warns him of being too picky. Oswald's sudden psychic powers cause Mimi and Lewis to bet on the race track based on his prediction.

Guest stars: Marion Ross (Beulah Carey, Drew's Mom) & Kristin Dattilo (Amy)

Image Needed-Mimi 7 188 "Family Affair" Julie Ann Larson Sam Simon November 8, 2002 227957 (8x7)
The gang are planning to see a play, but after Drew gets home late and Steve says he has other plans with Mimi, they decide to see a movie instead. While there, Steve narrowly avoids being spotted by the gang with another woman.

'Guest stars: Kyle Howard (Evan), Jonathan Mangum (Scott), Kaitlin Olson (Traylor), Jeanetta Arnette (Gloria), Suzanne Cryer (Karen), Richard Wharton (Gerald)

Image Needed-Mimi 8 189 "Chemistry Schememistry" Terry Mulroy Bob Koherr November 8, 2002 227959 (8x8)
Lewis causes a scene at a wedding where Drew is checking out music for his own ceremony. Later, his girlfriend, Robin, proposes to him very early on in their relationship; Drew discusses it with the others who all offer different opinions.

Guest stars: Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Kyle Howard (Evan), Jonathan Mangum (Scott), Bill Cobbs (Tony), James Castle Stevens (Groom), Kaitlin Olson (Traylor), Lori Loughlin (Robin), Leah Mangum (Sheila), A.J. Langer (Dawn), Goo Goo Dolls (as Themselves), Amy Christine (Gail)

Image Needed-Mimi 9 190 "The Dawn Patrol" Linda Teverbaugh & Mike Teverbaugh Sam Simon November 15, 2002 227960 (8x9)
Oswald and Kelly have differing opinions on Drew's decision to dump his girlfriend, Robin, so he can date Dawn whom he met on the bus, but then they both agree it was a bad idea when it turns out Dawn lets her ex-boyfriends hang around.

Guest stars: Bill Cobbs (Tony, the Bus Driver), A.J. Langer (Dawn), Lori Loughlin (Robin), Shawn Christian (Grant), Tate Taylor (Jim), Michael Lowry (Drake), Ron Pearson (Maitre D'), Brian Stepanek (Bob), Steven Montfort (Guy)

Image Needed-Mimi 10 191 "Drew's Girl Friday" Ed Lee Tommy Thompson November 29, 2002 227958 (8x10)
Mimi throws Steve out of their home so he stays with Lewis and Oswald, who invite Mimi over to patch things up, ending up in a huge fight between Mimi and Steve.

Guest stars: Kyle Howard (Evan), Jonathan Mangum (Scott), Lacey Chabert (Grace), Samm Levine (Jake), Todd Duffey (The DJ)

Image Needed-Mimi 11 192 "Drew Tries Hot Salsa" David A. Caplan Gerry Cohen December 6, 2002 227962 (8x11)
Drew joins a Salsa class to prep up his dance moves before his wedding. Guest star:Roselyn Sanchez as Maria. When Drew reveals he has feelings for Kelly to Lewis and Oswald, they advise him to bottle them up lest it may ruin his friendship with her. Later when Drew is about to confess to Kellie, they are interrupted by Kellie's ex-husband, Daryl.

Guest stars: : Kyle Howard (Evan), Jonathan Mangum (Scott), Roselyn Sanchez (Maria), James Denton (Daryl), Gillian Marloth (Susan), Alex Bovicelli (Roger)

Image Needed-Mimi 12 193 "The Man in the Iron Chair" Jana Hunter & Mitch Hunter Gerry Cohen December 20, 2002 227963 (8x12)
Drew tries to keep Kellie away from Daryl, who is confined to a wheelchair after falling off Kellie's mom's roof. However, he ends up looking as though as he is trying to hurt Daryl, and pushes the two closer together. Drew later confesses his feelings to Kellie, but she no longer seems interested. Meanwhile, Lewis plans to build an underwater city but continually fails to invite women to it.

Guest stars: James Denton as Daryl

Image Needed-Mimi 13 194 "Drew Takes a Guilt Trip" Daniel O'Keefe Gerry Cohen January 10, 2003 227961 (8x13)
After Oswald fails his nursing school exam, Drew feels bad and helps him get a job at the web site. Oswald finds a way to nearly destroy the entire business and ends up being reassigned to a job that he is sort of familiar with - delivering packages.

Guest stars: Kyle Howard (Evan), Kaitlin Olson (Traylor), Jonathan Mangum (Scott), James Martin Kelly (Liquor Store Manager) & Markus Redmond (Delivery Guy)

Image Needed-Mimi 14 195 "Blecch Sunday" Ed Lee Shelley Jensen January 24, 2003 227965 (8x14)
Drew lands a job in a commercial for Never Ending Store that will be broadcast live during the Super Bowl; however, he is reluctant to take it given his bad experiences in front of a camera. Lewis and Oswald keep him refreshed to stop him from passing out, but end up severely overstuffing him with snacks.

Guest stars: Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Jonathan Mangum (Scott), Kyle Howard (Evan), Johnnie Walker (Stage Manager), Jedd Michalski ('60s Stage Manager), Greg Proops (Derek), Sybil Azur (Actress), Noa Tishby (Rachel), David Earl Waterman (Jack), Ginna Carter (Joanne), Charles Kimbell (Commercial A.D.)

Image Needed-Mimi 15 196 "Turkeyspotting" Adam Faberman Bob Koherr June 25, 2003 227968 (8x15)
Larry encourages Drew to lose weight before attending one of his singles mixers. Drew tries a little too hard by giving up food altogether, but his crash diet has some unintended side effects - temporary blackouts and hallucinations.

Guest stars: Ian Gomez (Larry Almada), Kyle Howard (Evan), Jonathan Mangum (Scott), Kaitlin Olson (Traylor), Denise Faye (Susie), Lara Phillips (Lacey), Ilana Salinger (Renee), Tim Beggy (Waiter) & Tawny Ellis (Sarah)

Image Needed-Mimi 16 197 "Suddenly, No Summer" Les Firestein & Ed Lee Sam Simon June 25, 2003 227974 (8x16)
Drew tries to improve his standing at work by taking a computer course over the summer. The gang tempts him into blowing it off to take a trip to Florida. Drew is wracked with guilt and his vacation, not surprisingly, turns out to be a wreck.

Guest stars: Kyle Howard (Evan), Jonathan Mangum (Scott), Kaitlin Olson (Traylor) & Antares Davis (Tiffany)

Image Needed-Mimi 17 198 "What's Love Got to Do With It?" Jana Hunter & Mitch Hunter Sam Simon July 2, 2003 227969 (8x17)
The gang takes part in a karaoke contest. Drew tries to coach Kellie before her performance, but she gets so tired of his constant interference that she dumps him. Drew winds up having to take the stage with an 11-year-old girl as his partner.

Guest stars: Emma Hunton (Madison), Jim Wise (DJ), Chase Winton (Phyllis), Cindy Bourquin (Sandy), Shana Halligan (Sasha), Tammy Tappan (Woman #1), Sheri Izzard (Woman #2)

Image Needed-Mimi 18 199 "Two Girls for Every Boy" Stacey Pulwer Tommy Thompson July 2, 2003 227967 (8x18)
The boys meet a priest in the bar and Drew gets a date with his daughter Elaine, who he finds out is a lesbian. Drew manages to set up a threesome with Elaine and his new date Teri, but after he falls asleep due to an overdose of cold medicine, they make off with each other.

Guest stars: Ben Murphy (Rev. Henderson), Amy Pietz (Elaine), Melanie Paxson (credited as Melanie Deanne Moore) (Teri), Alan Lightner (Kevin)

Image Needed-Mimi 19 200 "Two Days of the Condo" Daniel O' Keefe Gerry Cohen July 9, 2003 227966 (8x19)
Oswald and Lewis inform Drew of an offer of a free TV to newly married couples who stay at a condo, so he asks Kellie to pretend to be his wife for the weekend. But at the condo, things turn amiss when the condo manager repeatedly hits on Kellie and Drew knocks hims out.

Guest stars: Johnnie Walker (Man), Geoff Pierson (Ted), Molly Bryant (Tina), Sarah Scott Davis (Woman), Joy Stevens (Saleswoman)

Image Needed-Mimi 20 201 "Lewis, You Can Drive My Car" Julie Ann Larson Sam Simon July 9, 2003 227964 (8x20)
Drew gives Lewis his Christmas bonus, a used Rolls Royce. However, the flashy car causes Lewis to undergo a strange personality transformation, and he can no longer be bothered to hang out with his longtime friends.

Guest stars: Kyle Howard (Evan), Jonathan Mangum (Scott), Bill Cobbs (Tony), Jeff Ricketts (Bum), Bryna Weiss (Alice), Murray Rubin (Burt (uncredited)), Julie Tyler (Woman), Alex Bovicelli (Roger), James Denton (Daryl (uncredited))

Image Needed-Mimi 21 202 "A Speedy Recovery" Kristen Marvin Drew Carey July 16, 2003 227970 (8x21)
Drew finds an unexpected romance after he and Speedy get involved with an animal therapy program at a hospital. He agrees to loan Speedy to a dying woman, and sufficiently impresses the woman's granddaughter. He finds the relationship may not be worth it when he learns that he may never see Speedy again.

Guest stars: Kaitlin Olson (Traylor), Susan Beaubian (Perry), Virginia Hamilton (Nurse), Robyn Lively (Erin), Kathryn Joosten (Natalie), Shelley Pack (Trainer)

Image Needed-Mimi 22 203 "A Means to an End" John N. Huss Shelley Jensen July 16, 2003 227971 (8x22)
Oswald and Lewis seek revenge against Drew after they discover that he gave away their Christmas gifts–handmade mugs–to a thrift store. Drew winds up getting an unscheduled colonoscopy from a Russian veterinarian.

Guest stars: Bill Cobbs (Tony, the Bus Driver), Kyle Howard (Evan), Charles Fleischer (Dr. Kresheck), Cynthia Lamontagne (Dr. Newell), Stephanie Fybel (Assistant), Elaine Klimaszewski (Sandy), Diane Klimaszewski (Mandy), Tim O'Rourke (Tim (uncredited)), Daisy Mullen (Receptionist)

Image Needed-Mimi 23 204 "Drew Answers the Belle" David A. Caplan Gerry Cohen July 23, 2003 227972 (8x23)
Oswald and Lewis put Drew's picture and phone number on Buzz Beer bottles in the hopes of landing him a wife. Much to everyone's surprise, a southern belle named Lily responds to the campaign. Drew travels to Louisiana to meet the woman. They hit it off, and Drew believes he may have finally found his match.

Guest stars: Jodi Harris (Debbie), Tammy Lauren (Lily), Iris Bahr (Mindy), Eric Meyersfield (Soldier)

Image Needed-Mimi 24 205 "What Screams May Come" Julie Ann Larson & Terry Mulroy Gerry Cohen July 23, 2003 227973 (8x24)
Drew is left bruised and battered as Lily suffers from night terrors. He grows tired of the beatings, but is afraid to talk to her about her problem because he believes she would leave him.

Guest stars: Kyle Howard (Evan), Jonathan Mangum (Scott) & Tammy Lauren (Lily)

Image Needed-Mimi 25 206 "Love Is in the Air" Mike Teverbaugh & Linda Teverbaugh Drew Carey August 20, 2003 227975 (8x25)
Drew decides to propose to Lily. Mimi hopes to secure Gus's admission into an exclusive prep school by setting up Kellie with the school's headmaster.

Guest stars: Tammy Lauren (Lily) & Pat Finn (Mr. Donahue)

Image Needed-Mimi 26 207 "The Bataan Wedding March" Clay Graham Bob Koherr August 27, 2003 227976 (8x26)
As Drew prepares to marry Lily, his mother Beulah realizes that Kellie has strong feelings for Drew and believes Drew feels the same way about Kellie. Drew and Lily go through with the wedding, but the union proves to be a brief one when they realize that they really are not right for each other. Drew winds up sharing a dance with Kellie.

Guest stars: Marion Ross (Beulah Carey), Bill Cobbs (Tony), Jessica Cauffiel (Milan Mercer), Tammy Lauren (Lily), Ron Pearson (Minister), Gillian Shure (Amber), Jan Devereaux (Mrs. Crawford)

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