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TDCS - episode 1x1 - Kate asks Drew to help her get hired at Winfred Lauder

Recently fired from her old job, Kate tries to persuade Drew to help her land a job at Winfred-Lauder in the "Pilot" episode at the start of Season 1.

Episode No.   Season
1 1x1 Season 1
Episode Information
Original Broadcast Date September 13, 1995
Network: ABC-TV
IMDB: IMDb logo Pilot
Written by: Bruce Helford & Drew Carey
Directed by: Michael Lessac
Chronological Information
Preceded by: None - Series pilot
Followed by: "Miss Right"

Pilot was the first episode for The Drew Carey Show. Originally aired on September 13, 1995 on ABC, This episode introduced the season 1 opening credits featuring a caricature of him singing "Moon Over Parma". Directed by Michael Lessac, it was co-written by series executive producers Drew Carey and Bruce Helford.

Plot Edit

The series premiere opens with Drew, Lewis and Oswald sitting in The Warsaw discussing Brad Pitt. After the opening credits, Kate has just been fired and is pleading with Drew for a job at Winfred-Lauder. At work, Mimi is applying for the job in cosmetics, when her application is denied, she accuses Drew of being sexist. In the end, he gives Kate the Job. After the commercial break, Drew attempts to reconcile with her, telling her that he was only put off by her eccentric appearance and not the fact that she was a woman, only to get accused of being stupid instead. To which she ends the conversation with "Bite me, jackass!" The closing credits scene at the end shows Drew playing a game of pool outside in the rain.


Drew's best friend Kate breaks up with her live-in boyfriend, who then fires her from her job as receptionist at his body shop. She pleads with Drew to hire her at Winfred-Louder, but he insists that he isn't supposed to give jobs to his friends. While conducting interviews for an opening in the cosmetics department, Drew meets Mimi Bobeck, a very hostile woman who wears a ton of make-up. Although Drew tries to be polite, Mimi realizes that he is not going to hire her. She throws a tantrum in the middle of the office and accuses Drew of discriminating against her because of her looks. She complains to his boss, Mr. Bell, and gets him into hot water. Drew runs into Mimi that night at his hangout, the Warsaw. When she confronts him, he says that her attitude is her biggest problem. He admits that her looks might prevent her from getting some jobs that rely on appearance, but suggests that she learn to deal with this--as he does. She does not take kindly to his advice. Kate applies for the job in cosmetics, but Drew worries that she will hate him when he inevitably has to fire her. The problem is taken out of his hands when Mr. Bell becomes smitten with Kate and orders Drew to hire her.