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"No Two Things in Nature are Exactly Alike"
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5 1x5 Season 1
Episode Information
Original Broadcast Date October 18, 1995
Network: ABC-TV
IMDB: IMDb logo No Two Things in Nature are Exactly Alike
Written by: Bruce Helford & Drew Carey
Directed by: Steve Zuckerman
Chronological Information
Preceded by: "Nature Abhors a Vacuum"
Followed by: "Drew Meets Lawyers"


No Two Things in Nature Are Exactly Alike was the fifth episode of The Drew Carey Show. Originally aired on October 18, 1995 on ABC, This episode, which was directed by Steve Zuckerman, was co-written by series creators Drew Carey & Bruce Helford.


Kate's ex-boyfriend Barry refuses to pick up his stuff and makes incessant phone calls to Kate at work. Drew attaches a cartoon to the bottom of a memo in the hopes of boosting company morale. Most employees are amused by it, but one offended employee complains to Mr. Bell. Drew becomes obsessed with finding out who it was that got him in trouble.

Plot summaryEdit

Kate's ex-boyfriend, Barry (John Schafer), refuses to come by and pick up his belongings. He begins calling her constantly at the store. Mr. Bell (voiced by Kevin Pollak) becomes so fed up that he issues an edict limiting employees to one personal call per day. Hoping to cheer up his co-workers, Drew attaches a cartoon to the bottom of the memo. It features a confused caterpillar trying to have sex with a french fry. Most of the employees are amused, but someone complains to Bell and gets Drew in trouble. He becomes obsessed with finding the identity of the offended person, and finally learns that it was Nora O'Dougherty (Jane Morris) from payroll. Kate tries to talk to Nora. She ends up losing her temper and screaming at Nora, daring her to file a harassment suit. Kate has Barry meet her at Drew's house to get his stuff because she doesn't want him in her house. He begs her to come back and becomes violent toward Drew. Drew stands up to him, and Barry decides to leave without a fight after Lewis and Oswald show up. Nora files a lawsuit a Drew, as he now must hire attorneys to try to settle the suit with Nora.