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Nicki Fifer
Thin Nicki.jpg
Kate Walsh as Nicki Fifer.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Real Estate Agent
Married Drew briefly, after which he also wed Kate O'Brien, which made him a bigamist, until she got wind of it
Struggles with weight frequently; threatened to kill Drew sometime later, as he allowed her to live with him until she got back on her feet and lost weight again
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: 21 in Seasons 3-8
Character played by: Kate Walsh

Nicki Fifer was a recurring character who appears in a totol of 21 episodes of The Drew Carey Show who first appeared in the Season 3 episode "Strange Bedfellows". The part of Nicki is played in the episodes by actress Kate Walsh.

About Nicki[]

An obese Nicki, as she struggles with her weight.

Nicki is a real estate agent whom Drew dated and became engaged to; she dumped him after gaining a large amount of weight while they were dating (and, in her own words, "couldn't be with a man who loved to eat"). She lost the weight, got married and came back to Drew after her divorce (when Drew had just left a mental institution). Drew asked her to marry him on an impulse, and she agreed. Unfortunately, Drew also got married to Kate O'Brien soon after (thus becoming a bigamist) and she left him. Nicki returned later, having regained all her previous weight, and attempted to kill Drew because she blamed him for all the recent problems in her life in "Revenge of the Doormat" at the start of Season 8. Drew let Nicki stay at his house until she could get back on her feet, after which she was never seen or heard from again.

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