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"Miss Right"
TDCS 1x2 Miss Right - Lisa and Drew begin dating

When Drew and recently hired job applicant Lisa Robbins (Katy Selverstone) build a rapport with one another upon their first meeting at her job interview, Drew begins to show concern over he and a co-worker dating, as his boss, Mr. Bell, frowns on it in "Miss Right" in Season 1 (ep.#2).

Episode No.   Season
2 1x2 Season 1
Episode Information
Original Broadcast Date September 20, 1995
Network: ABC-TV
IMDB: IMDb logo Miss Right
Written by: Sam Simon
Directed by: Clay Graham
Chronological Information
Preceded by: "Pilot" (Series pilot)
Followed by: "The Joining of Two Unlike Elements is a Mixture"

 Miss Right was the second episode for The Drew Carey Show. Originally aired on September 20, 1995 on ABC, This episode introduced the season 1 opening credits featuring a caricature of him singing "Moon Over Parma". Directed by Sam Simon, it was written by Clay Graham.

Plot summary Edit

Mr. Bell hires Mimi as his assistant to keep her from filing a complaint about Drew's "harassment". She vows to make his life a living hell. Drew meets attractive job applicant Lisa Robbins (Katy Selverstone), and the two become friendly fast. However, once Lisa is hired, he is worried about dating her because of how it would look for management to be dating an employee. Meanwhile, Drew's neighbors cause trouble next door.

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Mr. Bell (voice of Kevin Pollak) hires Mimi Bobeck (Kathy Kinney) to be his new assistant to prevent her from filing a complaint against the store for Drew's so-called "harassment" of her. She vows to make Drew's life a living hell. While conducting interviews for the window dresser position, Drew (Drew Carey) develops a rapport with Lisa Robbins (Katy Selverstone), an attractive applicant who engages him in friendly banter. She seems very interested in Drew.

However, Lisa is the most qualified applicant for the job, and Drew fears that it would be improper for management to date an employee. She takes the initiative and asks Drew out, but they agree to avoid the appearance of a date. Mimi and some co-workers catch them kissing at the Warsaw. Drew decides that he wants to keep seeing Lisa, and will ignore what others think. Unfortunately, Mr. Bell tells him that his relationship with Lisa is making the staff uncomfortable. Drew has to break up with her so that she won't be fired. Meanwhile, Drew tries to deal with the antics of his redneck neighbors, The Lambermonts.

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