Colleen Flynn as Lorna
Colleen Flynn as Lorna, Nigel Wick's mistress, in "The Passion of the Wick" (Season 9, ep.#25).
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Former exotic dancer / Animal Keeper
Threatens Drew, Mimi, Kellie, and the guys with a shotgun when he, under Wick's direction, is sent to her apartment to retrieve an expensive gold wine tumbler from her
Domestic partner(s): Nigel Wick (in adulterous affair)
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show in guest appearance
Episodes appeared in: "The Passion of the Wick" (Season 9)
Character played by: Colleen Flynn

Lorna is a character who appears in the Season 9 episode of The Drew Carey Show titled "The Passion of the Wick" (episode #25). The part of Lorna is played in the episode by Colleen Flynn.

About LornaEdit

When Drew is dispatched by the now married Nigel Wick to retreive an expensive gold tumbler which he said was at the apartment of Lorna his mistress, she greets the gang, he Mimi, the guys, and Kellie, after going into the bedroom for a moment, with a shotgun instead of the tumbler which they used to have cocktails with together, as she blames Wick, who was supposed to have been getting a divorce and marrying her, as he had promised her. Oswald, enamored with the buxom, attractive Lorna, seemingly tries to come on to her when he introduces himself, as Lewis stops him.

Drew is able to talk her down from using it, as she hands the firearm to him, as he asks her what did she do before she met Nigel, as she tells him that she was a stripper and she also was an animal keeper; as she contemplates "Maybe I could dance for animals!" as Mimi, after looking around for the tumbler herself, returns to the living room, picks up the shotgun, and demands "Where's the damn tumbler!?!", as Lorna explains to her what she told Drew - that she sold it to a thrift store!

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