Lily Crawford
Tammy Lauren as Lily Crawford
Tammy Lauren as Lily Crawford.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Software Engineer working as Civil War tour guide, New Orleans, LA
Meets Drew, Kellie and the guys on a trip to New Orleans, and visits Cleveland afterwards as she and Drew begin a brief fling
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: 4 in Season 8
Character played by: Tammy Laruen

Lily Crawford appeared in four episodes in Season 8 of the The Drew Carey Show, "Drew Answers the Belle" (#8.23), "What Screams May Come" (#8.24), "Love Is In the Air" (#8.25) and "Bataan Wedding March" (#8.26). The part of Lily was played by Tammy Lauren

About LilyEdit

A Southern belle who met Drew after Oswald and Lewis started a campaign to find him a wife. Drew brought Lily, a tour guide in New Orleans, to Cleveland and attempted to establish a relationship with her, but found it difficult to deal with Lily's night terrors. Drew ended up proposing to Lily on three different occasions: once in his house, another in a movie theater, and finally, back at his home again. After Drew tore up all of his pre-determined wedding plan receipts, Lily agreed to marry him. Lily left Drew after the wedding, driving off without him after giving Drew his ring back. At the reception, Drew and Kellie expressed their hidden love for each other and began their relationship, which would also lead to Drew's final marriage.

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