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Lewis Kiniski
Ryan Stiles plays the role of Lewis, one of Drew's best friends, on "The Drew Carey Show".
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Janitor, DrugCo. Pharmaceuticals, Cleveland, OH
Main character, one of Drew's best friends, along with Oswald Harvey
Hometown Cleveland, Ohio
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: 216 (entire series)
Character played by: Ryan Stiles

Lewis Kiniski one of Drew Carey's friends on the ABC sitcom The Drew Carey Show. The part of Lewis is played by Ryan Stiles.

About Lewis[]

Lewis forms a double-act with Oswald. Lewis, who is tall, lanky, and red-headed, is in his forties and can be counted on to nonchalantly say bizarre, creepy and offensive things. Ryan Stiles once described Lewis as "Not even a character at first, just a creep really." He possesses an IQ of 162, but works as a janitor for a company called DrugCo. Due to accidentally releasing a strain of bacteria into the population, he was busted down to janitor from a position that required him to wear a lab coat. It's uncertain if he was a scientist or lab assistant, though it's possible he was joking. At one point, he posed as Drew to take his physical exam for him, unexpectedly taking a psychiatric exam as well. He tried to give answers which he thought suited Drew's life and situation, and the results showed him to be mentally unstable and possibly criminally insane. He mentioned in one episode he was adopted. He was last romantically involved with Kellie's mother, Annette Newmark.

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