Larry Almada
Larry and Mimi
New couple Larry and Mimi, as the two appear at Drew and Kellie's wedding announcement at the Warsaw Pub in the "Finale" episode in Season 9 (ep.#26).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Co-worker with Drew Carey at the Winfred-Lauder department store office, Cleveland, OH
Bumbling, somewhat unprofessional employee, who still has a good relationship with Drew, until he begins dating Mimi Bobeck, who's separted from husband Steve, in the show's final season
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: 38 in Seasons 1-4, 7 & 9
Character played by: Ian Gomez

Larry Almada a co-worker of Drew's at Winfred-Louder on The Drew Carey Show, appears in a total of 38 episodes of the series, beginning with "Pilot", the series pilot episode. The part of Larry is played by Ian Gomez.

About LarryEdit

Larry, who works in the mail room at Winfred-Lauder, often carpools with Drew, and still has a pretty good working and personal relationship with him and the guys, until he begins dating Mimi, while she's separated from Steve, Drew's brother.

Larry is a bumbling and somewhat unprofessional employee who is often willing to resort to less than savory methods to gain the upper hand. During a competition to determine the new employee representative on the Winfred-Lauder board of directors, he managed to obtain the position by having sex with Mrs. Lauder, a practice that he repeats several times after being dumped by his wife. He loses his job on the board shortly after receiving the promotion, but continues his secret relationship with Mrs. Lauder. He also ends up in jail for selling drugs, but is released and continues his job at the department store. After leaving Winfred-Lauder, he set up a reasonably successful dating service which later expanded into a television chat show.

In the series "Finale", as Drew's fiance Kellie Newmark (Cynthia Watros) announce their wedding plans, he and Lewis, who's been fooling around with Kellie's mom Annette Newmark (Susan Sullivan), almost come to blows over Lewis's comments about he seeing Mimi, as he tells Annette to back off, grand-mill, you're seeing a janitor!", as Lewis responds "Oh, you could see my date? I thought that you were blind!!".

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