Kim Harvey
Adrienne Barbeau as Kim Harvey
Adrienne Barbeau as Kim, Oswald's mom, in the series "Finale" at the end of Season 9 (ep# 26).
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Good friends with Beulah Carey Drew's mother
Spouse(s): Roscoe Harvey (divorced)
Related to: Oswald Harvey (son)
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: 6 in Seasons 4-9
Character played by: Adrienne Barbeau

Kim Harvey is a recurring character on The Drew Carey Show who appears in six episodes of the series, beginning with "Pilot". The part of Kim is played by Adrienne Barbeau.

About Oswald's MomEdit

Oswald is sort of, in a way, protective of his divorced mom, in that she is strikingly attractive, although she hasn't dated much since her divorce; even Drew, when he was a kid, had a crush on her, as she mentions it to him in her first appearance in the episode "My Best Friend's Wedding" (episode #28) in Season 3. On the eve of Kate's impending wedding to son Oswald, she jokes with Drew, telling him "When you were a kid, you were too young for me, but now, you're a grown up, you're too old!" Beulah, Drew's mother, and Kim are best friends, but their friendship is threatened in the episode "Revenge of the Doormat" at the start of Season 8, when Drew, in trying to find an eligible beau for his now widowed mom Beulah, lies to a elderly gentleman named Paul, whom he and Oswald met at the Warsaw, telling him that Kim had a drinking problem and was a prostitute, in order to keep him from persuing dating her and to pursue Beulah instead.

Little is revealed about the relationship between Kim and Roscoe Harvey (played in a guest appearance by Tom Poston, Oswald's career criminal father, who has spent much of his adult life in and out of prison, as he appears in the Season 6 episode "Oswald's Dad Returns", as he tries to establish a relationship with his son, as he says that he's landed a sales job with a Lake Erie real estate development company, as Oswald reveals that his going in and out of jail only helped his mom "crawl in and out of the bottle!"

Unlike her relationship with Drew's mom, she and Mimi, upon their first meeting, did not get along with each other, as Mimi, impatient in waiting for Oswald's nuptials to begin, insults the Harvey and the O'Brien families lameting over "sitting out there making money chat with your loser freinds and relatives...let's get this show on the road!" as she applies more makeup on the face of the nervous, tearful Kate, as Kim retorts "I'll apply the just go back to making balloon animals and entertaining the kids!", as Mimi insults her back saying "I ain't the clown, truck-stop!" In the episode "Up On The Roof", she moves back to Cleveland from Florida with the intent to open her own beauty salon.