Kellie Newmark
Kellie Newmark
Cynthia Watros as Kellie Newark
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Childhood friend of Drew and the guys who's had a crush on him since
They eventually confesses her love for each other after Drew breaks up with Lily Crawford
Marries and has a child together towards the end of the series
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: 53 in Seasons 8 & 9
Character played by: Cynthia Watros

Kellie Newmark is a main character on The Drew Carey Show who makes her first appearance in the Season 8 opening episode "Return of the Doormat". The part of Kellie, who appears in the final two seasons of the series, is played in the episodes by Cynthia Watros.

About Kellie & DrewEdit

Drew's childhood friend, Kellie has had a crush on Drew since high school but never told him. She was married, but her husband cheated on her with her sister. Her mother is an alcoholic and leaves her father, eventually hooking up with Lewis. After Kate leaves, Drew realizes that he loves Kellie. Drew is afraid to tell Kellie because it may ruin their friendship like it did with Kate as he starts dating another girl, Lily Crawford.

After Lily leaves Drew, the two, being Drew and Kellie, confess their feelings for each other. When Kellie comes out while Drew is talking to his dad and asks Drew what they are going to do about their feelings for each other, Drew's dad falls off the roof and dies. Eventually during the beginning stage of their relationship ,Kellie finds out she is pregnant with Drew Jr. but won't marry Drew because she doesn't think he is ready for marriage. During the finale ,she decides Drew is ready. But her water breaks and she and Drew get married right when the baby is born.

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