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Kate O'Brien

Christa Miller as Kate
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Cosmetic Saleswoman/Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Old friends with Drew and the guys since grade school, who almost marries Oswald, after they agree on not having kids
  • Marries Navy Aviator in Season 7
  • Character information
    Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
    Episodes appeared in: 181 in Seasons 1-7
    Character played by: Christa Miller

    Kate O'Brien is one of the main characters who appear on The Drew Carey Show. The part of Kate is played on the series by Christa Miller.

    About Kate[]

    Kate has been friends with Drew, Lewis, and Oswald since their childhood. Kate is a bit of a tomboy, as well as somewhat of a hothead.

    Kate and Oswald became closer and eventually became romantically involved and almost married during the third season, but Kate stood Oswald up at the altar. Kate and Drew also became romantically involved and were on the verge of getting married at one point (in Season 6), but they called it off when they realized they didn't feel the same about the prospect of children, this after Oswald threw her a surprise wedding (essentially leaving Oswald at the altar).

    Kate later finds out about Drew's long-standing crush on her at their high school reunion, and she realized that she had feelings for him too. Drew's cross-dressing brother Steve was introduced during this period. He eventually fell in love with Mimi and they had a child together, Gus (whose name was decided by means of a contest). Drew and Kate were married for a short time in season 7, although this was illegal, as Drew had just become married to his old girlfriend, Nicki Fifer (Kate Walsh). Eventually, Drew's sham was discovered and Kate felt betrayed. Drew eventually regained Kate's trust and they became friends again. Kate left at the beginning of the eighth season, marrying a Naval aviator and moving from Cleveland to Guam.

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