Millicent Martin as Helen
Millicent Martin as Helen
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Agrees to sell an expensive golden wine tumbler which she purchased from a local thrift store that once belonged to Mr. Wick to Drew, provided that he accompanies her to a dance at a neighborhood seniors' center
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: "The Passion of the Wick" (Season 9)
Character played by: Millicent Martin

Helen is a character who appears in the Season 9 episode "The Passion of the Wick" (episode #25). The part of Helen is played by Millicent Martin.

About HelenEdit

When Drew is dispatched by the formerly single, now married into a wealthy family Nigel Wick, his former boss at Winfred-Louder, who's now working at a Christian TV station owned by his father-in-law, WWJC-TV as weather presenter "Scotty McRainshowers", whom he's trying to get financial backing to relaunch the Winfred-Lauder "retro" store, to retreive an expensive gold wine tumbler which he said was a family heirloom and at the apartment of Lorna (Colleen Flynn), his former mistress, Lorna leads him to stop by the thrift store she sold the tumbler to, as Helen, an elderly widowed woman who purchased the tumbler, is willing to part with it by giving it to Drew, only if he did one favor for her -- accompany her to a dance at the seniors' center she's a part of, as he reluctantly obliges her, as he, as she tells him, reminds her of Harry, her late husband!