Mr. Gerald Bell
Kevin Pollak as Mr. Bell
Mr. Bell, Drew's boss, in the only time in the series which he's actually seen, as he gets fired in his final appearance in "Buzz Beer" (Season 1,episode #22).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Director of Personnel, Winifred-Lauder department store, Cleveland, OH
He seemed sexist and self-centered who always speaks to Drew via his office speakerphone; Only seen in his last appearance, where he gets fired after an office romance with a staff member
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: 9 in Season 1
Character played by: Kevin Pollak

Mr. Gerald Bell was Drew's boss at Winfred-Louder in the first season of the ABC-TV series The Drew Carey Show, appearing in a total of eight episodes. The part of Mr. Bell is played by comedian/actor Kevin Pollak..

About Mr. BellEdit

Drew's boss for the show's first season, Mr. Bell only appeared in person for his last appearance, the episode "Buzz Beer" (episode #22). Bell gets caught having relations with a woman in his office and he and Mrs. Lauder have to talk it out, but when he appears, he is wearing a Santa costume.

Little was known about him, but he did not come across as a nice person. We only hear his voice usually cantankerously barking out orders to Drew to get orders and reports done on speakerphone, despite the fact that Drew had his desk very close to Mr. Bell's office. He also seemed sexist and self-centered and had an office romance with a staff member (unlike Drew's romance with Lisa Robbins, Gerald was only after the sex). In the last episode of the first season, Mr. Bell finally appeared on camera as he was seen leaving his office after getting fired from the store. The running joke of his never being officially seen until this moment is referenced in dialogue when he says; "What's the matter, Carey? You act like you've never seen me before!"

When Drew finds out through Paul Van Houten (Victor Raider-Wexler, of Van Houten,Van Van Horton & Van Halen, the new majority stockholder of Winfred-Lauder, that they were planning to shake up the management in the company; Drew gets a big surprise when he finds out from Mr. Van Houten that only one management position was opening up, as, moments later, Gerald comes out of his now-former office, with a box of his things, mostly girlie mags; when Drew asks Bell if he's the one getting canned, he sarcastically responds, "No, I'm just taking my things for a little ride!!

In Season Two, Mr. Bell is replaced by the equally antagonistic Nigel Wick (played by Craig Ferguson).

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