George Carey
Stanley Anderson as George Carey
Drew's dad, George, played by Stanley Anderson
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Pretty down to earth guy who listened to his sons' advice on how to satisfy their mom in bed, as the two almost broke up when she revealed his lack of passion in bed to Mimi
Spouse(s): Beulah Carey
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: 11 in series
Character played by: Stanley Anderson

George Carey is a recurring character who appears on The Drew Carey Show, in a total of 11 episodes of the series. The part of George is played in the episodes by Stanley Anderson.

About GeorgeEdit

George, who always likes to menation that he was a Korean War Veteran when things fluster him, biggest problem in mid-life seems to be finding the remote control to the TV set, but also seems to be a pretty down-to-earth guy who has good horse sense when it comes to relationships, as he advised Drew in the episode "Girlfriend, Interrupted" in Season 9 to pursue a romantic relationship with Kellie Newmark, as he was on the rebound from a broken relationship with New Orleans native Lily Crawford who broke up with him after the two called off their wedding there in the Big Easy.

In "How Beulah Gets Her Groove Back ", he and Beulah, Drew's mom, almost break up as, after talking with Mimi, admits that George was nevar a very good lover, as he admits such as he lament "the female orgasm is a the Unicorn~" as he also says "I spent three years in Korea torching commies out of caves... I raised two boys... I worked 40 years at a job I hated... I'm tired!! I just wanna lay there and get mine!", as he reluctantly listened to Drew and Steve's advice on how to satisfy their mom in the sack.

Drew was shocked to learn in the episode "Sealed in a Kiss" that his dad, who had died from from an accident where he had fallen from a ladder, didn't mention him at all in his diary, as he gave him a military style funeral.