Fran "Dotty" Louder
Fran Louder
Mrs. Fran Louder, played by Nan Martin.
Personal Information
Owner of/Senior Partner/Board Member at Winfred-Louder, Cleveland, OH
Constantly overlooks Drew in major promotion opportunities arise for him, but still refers to him as a "good employee"
Spouse(s): Mr. Louder (?-his death)
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: 26 in Series (Seasons 1-5)
Character played by: Nan Martin

Mrs. Fran "Dotty" Louder is a recurring character who appears in Seasons 1-5 of The Drew Carey Show, first appearing in the Season 1 episode "Drew and Mrs. Louder". The part of Mrs. Louder is played on the series by actress Nan Martin.

About Mrs. LouderEdit

Mrs. Lauder is one of the executives' "cougars" and partial namesake of the Winfred-Lauder corporation who originally inherited the store from her dead husband. She is the CEO of the company that owns the department store, and retains her position even after the corporation is bought out by a larger company located in Amsterdam. As the head of the store, she thinks very little of Drew, and openly expresses surprise at the assertion that he still has dreams of becoming more successful, although on occasion she doesn't hesitate to refer to Drew as a good employee. Mrs. Lauder occasionally gives him minor promotions throughout the series, but his personality clashes with her ruthless and businesslike nature.

During a competition to determine the new employee representative on the Winfred-Lauder board of directors in the episode "Strange Bedfellows", Larry Almada manages to obtain the position by having sex with Mrs. Lauder, a practice that he repeats several times after being dumped by his wife. He loses his job on the board shortly after receiving the promotion, but continues his secret relationship with Mrs. Lauder.

Fran is last seen accompanying Mimi and Steve (Drew's brother) on their honeymoon, but is removed from power shortly after when a member of the board improvises a speech slurring every major ethnic group. The insulted employees begin to riot, gaining the attention of the bosses in Amsterdam, who fire and replace her along with the entire board of directors except for Mr. Wick.

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