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"Drew in Court"
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7 1x7 Season 1
Episode Information
Original Broadcast Date November 18, 1995
Network: ABC-TV
IMDB: IMDb logo Drew in Court
Written by: Robert Borden
Directed by: Steve Zuckerman
Chronological Information
Preceded by: "Drew Meets Lawyers"
Followed by: "Lewis' Sister"


Drew in Court was the seventh episode of The Drew Carey Show. Originally aired on November 18, 1995 on ABC, This episode, which was directed by Steve Zuckerman, was co-written by Robert Borden.


Drew defends himself against Nora's lawsuit but isn't very successful. Nora cries on the stand to gain sympathy and the outlook is pretty bleak for Drew. A stressed Drew loses it during an argument at the Warsaw, gets arrested for assault, and has to doubly defend himself. Much to his relief, the judge rules in his favor in Nora's case and the gang celebrates.


Drew prepares to defend himself in court but isn't very successful. . He tries to study legal books, and gets advice from other lawyers by calling up and pretending to quiz them. He signs his car and house over to Kate and Lewis so they can't be seized if he loses the case. The judge does not take kindly to Drew's attempts to flatter her and create levity in the courtroom, and Kate isn't much help either. Nora O'Dougherty (Jane Morris), who filed the complaint at the offensive cartoon which Drew put in the company newsletter which resulted in the lawsuit which landed Drew in court in the first place, breaks down in tears on the stand in an attempt to garner everyone's sympathy, as the outlook looks quite bleak fro Drew winning the judgement.

A loud-mouthed co-worker, angry that the store has now barred employees from displaying personal items in their cubicles, harasses Drew at the Warsaw Tavern. Drew punches him out and gets arrested. He shows up in handcuffs for the final ruling in Nora's case. Although the judge agrees that Nora was forced to look at sexually explicit material, she rules that the matter is trivial and did not create a hostile workplace.

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