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"Drew and Kate Become Friends"
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Episode No.   Season
135 6x8 Season 6
Episode Information
Original Broadcast Date November 29, 2000
Network: ABC-TV
IMDB: IMDb logo Drew and Kate Become Friends
Written by: Linda Teverbaugh & Mike Teverbaugh
Directed by: Gerry Cohen
Chronological Information
Preceded by: "Drew and the Trail Scouts"
Followed by: "Drew Can't Carey a Tune"


Drew and Kate Become Friends was the eighth episode of Season 6 of The Drew Carey Show, also the 135th overall episode in the series. Originally aired on November 29, 2000 on ABC-TV, This episode, which was directed by Gerry Cohen, was written by Linda Teverbaugh and Mike Teverbaugh.


Drew agrees to a phony green card marriage with Mr. Wick in exchange for his old job.

Episode summaryEdit

To cheer up Drew, Steve introduces him to Jenny. They hit it off but then Steve reveals Jenny is Mimi's cousin. Kate discovers Drew has moved on and gets drunk with Wick. Drew and Jenny go back to Drew's place, as well as Kate and Wick.

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