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"Drew Gets Married"
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Episode No.   Season
40 2x18 Season 2
Episode Information
Original Broadcast Date February 26, 1997
Network: ABC-TV
IMDB: IMDb logo Drew Gets Married
Written by: Robert Borden
Directed by: Sam Simon
Chronological Information
Preceded by: "See Drew Run"
Followed by: "Man's Best Same Sex Companion"


Dree Gets Married originaly aired on March 5, 1997 on ABC-TV, This episode was the eighteenth episode of Season 2, also the 40th overall in the series. Written by Robert Borden, the episode was directed by Sam Simon.


A drunk Drew gets fortuitously married to a woman, Diane, on a trip to Vegas but he agrees to play as her husband briefly so she can win custody of her two children.

Plot summaryEdit

Drew returns from a convention in Las Vegas looking angry and disheveled. He points out that Kate drove away with his luggage after she dropped him off at the airport. He tells his friends that he planned on buying some clothes for the convention, but stopped to play one of the craps tables. He hit a hot streak for a while; but was distracted by a woman he believed was a hooker (actually Grace Kelly (Brett Butler) trying to get rid of Cirque du Soleil tickets) and wound up losing all his money. He jumped into the fountain in despair, and security caught him and another man stealing the coins. A waitress named Diane (Nicole Sullivan) covered for him and got him drunk to take his mind off his troubles. She took him to a rock and roll church and convinced him to get married. He agreed, unaware that the ceremony was real. She apologized and explained that she was fighting for custody of her kids, as her ex-husband was trying to force them to move back to Cleveland. Drew agreed to pose as her husband for the social worker.

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