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"Drew Can't Carey a Tune"
TDCS episode 6x9 - Drew Can't Carry a Tune

Drew lies to his new boss, Mr. Nichols (Bruce A. Young, left) and the pastor of his church (Richard Gant, center) in an attempt to earn brownie points on his job when his boss enlists him to sing at the church's fundraiser for a new roof for it in "Drew Can't Carry a Tune" in Season 6 (ep.#9).

Episode No.   Season
136 6x9 Season 6
Episode Information
Original Broadcast Date December 6, 2000
Network: ABC-TV
IMDB: IMDb logo Drew Can't Carey a Tune
Written by: Linda Teverbaugh & Mike Teverbaugh
Directed by: Gerry Cohen
Chronological Information
Preceded by: "Drew and Kate Become Friends"
Followed by: "Buzzie Wuzzie Liked His Beer"


Drew Can't Carry a Tune was the ninth episode of Season 6 of The Drew Carey Show, also the 136th overall episode in the series. Originally aired on December 6, 2000 on ABC-TV, This episode, which was directed by Gerry Cohen, was written by Linda Teverbaugh and Mike Teverbaugh.


Drew endeavors to get to into his new boss, Mr. Nichols' good books by attending his church. However, when he volunteers to sing at a church benefit event, things do not go smooth.

Episode summaryEdit

Drew immediately gets off on the wrong foot with Mr. Simon Nichols (played by Bruce A. Young), his demanding new boss, as well as Wick's new superior at Winfred-Lauder. He tries to suck up to get himself off of Nichols' "crap list." Nichols receives a call asking him to head up fundraising for a new roof for his church. Drew contributes $100 and offers to begin attending services. He volunteers to sing at a church benefit.

Although Nichols and Reverend Holliday (Richard Gant), the church's minister, are both skeptical, Drew insists that he is talented. Oswald, Lewis and Kate lie and vouch for his singing abilities. Drew's performance (with an accordion and knee cymbals) is so embarrassing that Oswald has to pull the fire alarm to save him from being booed off the stage. Drew is hurt when he receives a scathing review in the church newsletter, but thinks that the crowd would have liked him if he had gotten to finish his song.

Drew's friends still do not tell him the truth about his singing. Drew goes to the church to confront the reviewer, only to find that it is Nichols' teenage son Richard (played by Arjay Smith). Nichols and his son tell Drew, along with the rest of the congregation, that his singing "stinks", as Nichols officialy places him on his "crap list"!

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