Kelly Perine as Chuck
Kelly Perine as Chuck in his first episode appearance, in "No Two Things Are Exactly Alike" in Season 1 (ep.#5).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Security Guard/Head of Security at the office of Winfred-Louder, Cleveland, OH
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: 17 episodes (Seasons 1-5)
Character played by: Kelly Perine

Chuck is a recurring character who appears in a total of seventeen episodes of The Drew Carey Show, starting with the episode titled "No Two Things Are Exactly Alike", the final episode of that season. The part of Commander Dobbs is played in the episode by Kelly Perine.

About ChuckEdit

Chuck is a fellow employee at Winfred Lauder, where Drew and Mimi both work who seems to have a friendly rappor with both, particulaly Drew. In Chuck's first appearance in "No Two THings Are Exactly Alike", Chuck tips Drew to the person who complained about a cartoon which he put on a memo in the hopes of boosting company morale. In Chuck's final appearance in the Season 5 episode "Drew and the Racial Tension Play", Chuck is among the many minority employees who become offfended at the socially insensitive comments of senior company board member Arthur Crawford (Hansford Rowe) who try to solicit Drew to get Crawford to apologize for his comments or resign.