Beulah Carey
TDCS - episode 7x8 - Drew's Parents
Drew's parents, mom Beulah (Marion Ross) and dad George (Stanley Anderson) visit him to see how he's doing after the breakup with then fiance Lily Crawford, after the two called off their wedding plans in "Girlfriend, Interrupted" in Season 9.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Very caring, somewhat overprotective mother, whose marriage almost broke up when she revealed her husband's lack of passion in bed to Mimi
Spouse(s): George Carey
Related to: Drew Carey (Character) (son)
Steve Carey (son)
Gus Carey (grandson)
Drew Carey, Jr. (grandson)
Mimi Bobeck (daughter in-law)
Kellie Newmark (daughter in-law, in "Finale")
Character information
Appeared on: The Drew Carey Show
Episodes appeared in: 14 in series (seasons 3-9)
Character played by: Marion Ross

Beulah Carey is a recurring character who appears on The Drew Carey Show, in a total of 14 episodes of the series. The part of George is played in the episodes by Marion Ross.

About BeulahEdit

Beulah is a very caring mother who's somewhat overprotective of her sons, Drew and Steve, as evidenced in the episode "Girlfriend, Interrupted" in Season 9, as she cajoled her husband George to come with her from Florida, where they lived, to check up on Drew to see how he was doing as he was on the rebound from a broken relationship with New Orleans native Lily Crawford who broke up with him after the two called off their wedding there in the Big Easy, as he contemplated a romantic relationship with childhood friend Kellie Newmark, In "How Beulah Gets Her Groove Back ", he and Beulah almost had her marriage break up as, after talking with Mimi as she admitted that George was nevar a very good lover, as he admits such as he lament "the female orgasm is a the Unicorn!"'

In "Drew Hunts Silver Fox" at the start of Season 9, Drew tries to help Beulah, now a widow after the death his dad who had died from from an accident where he fell off of a ladder, to recover and get back in the dating world in an attempt to find a prospective new husband, as he tries to dissuade the man which he and Oswald had met at the Warsaw, a guy named Paul (Brian Kale) from dating Oswald's mom Kim (Adrienne Barbeau), whom Oswald had introduced him to at the pub.

In the final episode "Finale" she reveals to Drew her concerns over he and now fience Kellie's soon to be born child being born out of wedlock, as she pressures them to tie the knot before the child's birth.